Art. Lebedev Studio

founded in 1995

Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2023

December 31 New Year poster designed

Shalanda logo created

December 29 Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant website designed

December 28 Carpet Ninja name and logo designed

December 27 4 billion 600 million years created

December 26 Baza logo created

Avtoliga website designed

December 25 Covers for the Twilight of Consciousness series of books by Alexander Slepakov designed

December 22 Scantronic Systems website designed

Legal Design and Legal Efficiency by Anton Vashkevich and Simplawyer published

December 21 Relsus Gold created

StroimProsto identity and website designed

December 20 Scandic mints design created

Pizhamus Light created

December 19 Spiragira resort logo designed

December 15 Svechkus designed

December 14 Sticker pack for Skladnoe Mesto designed

December 13 New Year socks created

December 12 Eurasian Logistics Company logo designed

December 8 Polet series of posters created

December 4 Spetskabel identity 2.0 created

December 1 Myata chain website designed

November 30 Energosfera name and logo 1.0 created

November 29 Cover for Make Friends Easily by Patrick King designed

November 28 Novaya Anapa territory development competition identity and website created

November 27 RuTube Studio mobile app concept created

November 24 Cover for The Power of E.Q. by Patrick King designed

November 23 Tetraminous Mini created

November 22 Kitfort appliance design concept created

November 20 Franc Gardiner identity created

November 17 VK design system analysis conducted

November 16 Fuck the Rain umbrella 2.0 created

November 15 Diagnocat interface 2.0 designed

November 14 Kotletka café logo created

November 9 Relsus 2.0 created

November 3 Citymatic website designed

November 2 Prishel Uvidel name and logo created

November 1 Cover for The Art of Impactful Communication by Patrick King designed

October 31 Kanban Standart logo created

October 27 Halloween Poster designed

October 26 Plitochka store logo created

October 24 Odnorazovye Pelenki store logo designed

October 23 Agrobank website designed

October 17 Cover for Enterprise China by Allen Morrison and Stewart Black designed

October 16 Levenhuk website designed

October 13 VTB Leasing employer brand logo created

Cover for 10-Minute Philosophy by Patrick King designed

October 10 Cover for Communication Skills Training by Patrick King designed

October 9 2024 calendar created

October 6 Futsal Super League logo designed

October 5 Non Nude webcam studio logo created

Cover for Read People Like a Book by Patrick King designed

October 4 Sakha Telecom office interiors designed

October 3 Baltic Rail logo created

Cover for Unspoken Social Rules & Etiquette by Patrick King designed

October 2 Kote medium of exchange website designed

September 29 Alenka coffee shop identity created

September 28 Studio's 28th anniversary poster designed

September 27 CLG promo design created

September 26 Soola logo created

Lesenki GO logo designed

September 22 Romantic online store app designed

September 21 Effektivnost.rf website and personal account page designed

September 20 Rubetek identity designed

Mokapus created

September 19 Mining Guru logo designed

Spish logo created

September 18 Pyaterochka façade design concept created

September 15 Agidel identity created

September 14 Packaging for Khlebozavod No. 1 created

September 13 Sunlight app video feed and dating section designed

September 12 Panamus created

September 8 Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries identity, exteriors, interiors and office concept designed

September 7 Mebel Lotus logo created

September 6 SberFactoring website and booklet designed

August 31 Paradox corporate messaging app designed

August 30 Zakolkus created

August 29 Doma Stolitsy logo designed

August 25 Potokus created

August 23 Wildberries partner portal and pick-up point interiors designed

August 22 EPN net logo designed

August 21 Romantic website and branding system created

August 17 Super Kot logo created

August 15 Novy Motor logo designed

August 9 Crew socks created

July 31 Lanyardus 2.0 created

July 25 Vous 4.0 Gold mirror created

July 20 First Place Realtor logo designed

July 14 Librastat bookends 2.0 created

July 13 Threef app logo designed

July 11 Love Power logo designed

June 27 Glavny Park logo designed

June 23 Tolstovkus Oversize created

June 15 Chih? logo designed

Dobrodel logo and research and positioning created

June 13 Bilkam logo created

June 12 Russia Day poster designed

June 6 SpetsMontazhStroy17 logo designed

June 5 Ottaku video ad created

June 2 Citymatic identity designed

June 1 Napodrabotku app logo designed

May 30 Blizmeditsiny logo designed

May 26 Cover for The Art of Everyday Assertiveness by Patrick King designed

May 24 Tenevoy Profil website designed

May 17 Pyaterochka store interiors designed

May 16 Fragraniums name and logo created

May 13 Monum logo created

May 12 King online condom shop designed

May 11 Yana Mef logo created

May 9 Victory Day poster created

May 2 Nevateka logo created

April 28 Agrobank mobile app designed

April 27 Ya I Ball logo created

April 26 Cover for The Laughter Effect by Ros Ben-Moshe designed

April 25 Soyuz Kamneobrabotchikov logo designed

April 21 Civimart app created

April 19 Kortros video ad created

April 18 Puzzledom logo designed

April 14 Powerbankus created

April 13 Inseca logo created

Cover for Learn To Think Using Thought Experiments by Patrick King designed

April 12 Cosmonautics Day poster created

April 11 Uldoors logo designed

Foodbaza logo created

April 10 Myata Lounge audience research conducted

April 7 Atach platform identity created

April 6 Sehnlich flashlight designed

April 5 Cover for Learn to Think Using Riddles, Brain Teasers, and Wordplay by Patrick King designed

April 4 Derzhalkus created

March 31 Civimart website designed

March 30 Obonyat name and logo designed

March 29 Collimator typeface created

March 17 Rocketbox logo designed

March 14 Sunduk Puteshestviy logo created

March 13 Cover for How to Engage, Connect, and Captivate by Patrick King designed

March 10 Kolesa Darom website created

March 9 Cover for Motivation Triggers by Patrick King designed

March 7 Hikiro logo designed

LinLine logo created

March 6 Zeleny Gid logo created

March 3 Brinex website designed

March 2 3R logo designed

February 28 Gelendzhik café logo designed

Best4Use logo created

February 22 Ooze typeface created

February 21 100-point Tutor school logo designed

February 20 The Most Honest Sticker Pack 2.0 created

February 16 StudyBuddy service logo designed

February 15 Ufa urban object design created

February 14 Valentine's Day poster created

February 13 Cover for Train Your Empathy by Patrick King designed

February 9 Izmashin logo created

February 7 Bfine service logo designed

February 6 Savage typeface created

February 2 Penza tourist logo created

January 30 Cover for Become A Human Behavior Scientist by Patrick King designed

January 27 Ilya Glazunov Gallery logo created

January 26 Notki name and logo designed

January 25 Yakutsk master plan created

January 24 Pomodoro Music logo designed

January 20 Cover for Fearless Public Speaking by Patrick King designed

January 17 Alumpark logo designed

January 16 Sozvonus created

January 11 Cover for Massive Charisma by Patrick King designed

January 10 Hulab logo designed


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