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Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2019

August 16 Biodegradable Nespresso coffee capsules are now available in studio's stores

August 15 Fitness Travel logo created

August 13 Cover for The Code of a Horecan by Bek Narzi designed

Dolineti logo created

August 12 Coffee Grove pattern is now available in studio's stores

August 9 Forward Leasing website designed

August 8 Shalom kindergarten logo created

Pora Valit logo designed

August 7 Lykhny identity created

August 6 Alarma logo created

Mashninband logo designed

Flannel and Bindweed and Lionfish patterns are now available in studio's stores

August 5 Not { } Just Shit! stickers 3.0 now available in studio's stores

August 1 Cover for Wasn't Born for Nothing by Umberto Lopes designed

Kotov logo created

July 30 Yuri Hovansky logo created

July 29 Moscow intersections design created

My Career center designed

July 25 Kvartira Online logo created

July 22 Ostozhenka 19 identity created

July 18 Helius app ad created

Kaleidoskopus created

July 17 Qiwi terminal designed

July 16 Rosbarbershop logo designed

July 15 Gruzovikus created

July 12 Hauss typeface created

July 11 DM-Gadget logo created

July 10 Popsoketus created

July 4 Seveki logo created

July 2 Aqua Like water logo created

What Dads Are Afraid Of by Tatyana Devaeva and Elena Novoselova published

June 29 Tealsy website designed

June 27 Rev identity created

June 26 Neo Fluo modem designed

June 25 Street Soled store logo designed

June 24 website designed

June 20 Budu logo designed

Junior typeface created

June 19 Vzaimno video ad created

June 17 Lamon t-shirt created

June 14 Granny Dancing and Hercat pattern is now available in studio's stores

June 13 Planetpics website designed

June 12 Russia Day poster created

June 10 Oggetto identity created

June 6 Nero water meters designed

June 5 Raiffeisenbank icons designed

June 4 Joker lottery interface created

June 2 Through the Looking Glass pattern is now available in studio's stores

May 31 Tuman agricultural sprayer designed

May 30 Matrix logo designed

May 28 Fruitfield store logo created

May 24 Pasportus created

May 23 Obnalshik blog logo created

May 22 Fifth Edition of the Diary of a Maniac Designer by Yana Frank published

May 21 Poehali! logo created

May 20 Another Side pattern is now available in studio's stores

May 17 Umbrella IT identity created

May 16 Landspot logo created

May 14 Pelmeni One Love logo created

May 13 Leningrad band logo created

May 8 Kitfort electric kettle designed

May 7 Formica logo created

May 6 Tutor logo and website designed

May 1 May holidays poster created

April 30 Taiga store logo created

April 29 Surpriz Box website designed

April 26 Brevier typeface created

April 25 Leto logo created

April 23 Max logo created

April 22 Sport 24 website designed

April 18 Team Russia mascots created

April 17 Funpay universe website created

Simposiumus-2019 organized

April 16 CPL Express logo created

April 15 Amalgama Consulting Group logo designed

April 12 Kalamos typeface created

April 11 Climy app logo created

Cover for How to Get On with Anyone by Catherine Stothart designed

April 10 Sur Forest pattern is now available in studio's stores

April 9 Zolotoy Kot logo designed

April 8 Raiffeisen Career identity created

April 4 Hairorez barbershop logo created

April 3 Ostanovkus-6 designed

April 2 Kaluga smart park logo created

April 1 Geometric pasta created

March 29 Allied Asset website designed

March 28 Monkeys and Peaches pattern is now available in studio's stores

March 26 Grain Holding calendar created

March 25 Svetilnikus-2 created

March 21 Caféterius ad created

March 20 S8 Capital website 2.0 designed

March 19 Lovi Lavash café logo created

March 18 The Coffee Roaster's Companion by Scott Rao published

March 15 Neon range of city objects designed

March 14 logo created

March 12 Borshchi logo designed

March 11 Volovik and Partners website designed

March 5 Volokolamsk logo created

March 4 Cardboard VR goggles ad created

March 1 online pharmacy advertising and key visual created

February 28 Tehnologii Ucheta logo created

February 27 Globus Stal web catalog designed

February 26 Spetsmash logo created

February 25 Railgo naming and identity created

February 22 Sozvezdie radios packaging created

February 21 Mio typeface is now available in studio's stores

February 20 Japanese Sundress pattern is now available in studio's stores

February 19 Cover for Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman designed

February 18 Sport Marafon website designed

February 14 Valentine's Day poster created

February 13 Ostanovkus-5 designed

February 12 Moscow Zoo anniversary logo designed

February 11 Cover for Food For Your Personality by Anastasia Bodrova designed

February 8 Tashkent tourist logo created

February 7 Avtoban logo created

February 6 Moscow Zoo advertising created

February 5 Arc typeface created

February 4 Ossetia tourist brand created

February 1 Quantum Consulting identity and website created

January 31 Döcke Group calendar created

Liga Next logo designed

January 28 Eden Fantasys website designed

January 25 Sotbi augmented reality app created

January 24 GITIS international website designed

January 23 Cover for Introvert by Patrick King designed

January 17 Ophelia pattern is now available in studio's stores

January 16 Cover for The Science of Attraction by Patrick King designed

January 15 Nebo Digital logo designed

January 14 Sport 24 identity created

January 11 Everyone Buckled Up? sign created

January 10 Cover for The Culture Map by Erin Meyer designed


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