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Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2005

December 29 S7 Christmas poster printed

In 2005 we added 228 projects made for 83 clients to our portfolio. That’s a little less than one project per working day

December 27 Saint Petersburg website opened

December 26 FortAero print ad released

New design of advertising campaign budget calculator for Yandex completed

December 23Microsoft-Based Solutions” catalog printed

December 21 Samsung game “Key to Victory” is launched, where teams compete for the chance to be the first to open the game box and push the red button inside it

December 20 Ancor’s clients and friends are presented 2006 New Year gift sets

Sokol TV-sets’2005 hit the racks

December 19 Website of the SMS game Battle of Santas goes online

December 17 Design of Independus armchair completed

December 16 Website of Renju game at Samsung MP3 Club opened

December 15 Design of the software program Personal Search used for searching through files on a PC completed

December 10 Design of prospective vacuum cleaner Cyclone 8L completed

December 9 Yandex-Addresses website opened

Vozrozhdeniye Bank website launched

Mauvais Ton Chart, a Microsoft website, opened

December 8 Kia Spectra website goes online

December 7 Book “Mysteries of the Subconscious” by Valery Sinelnikov published

December 6 November collection of illustrators’ works published

Book “Author” by Mikhail Barshchevsky published

December 2 Second version of Microsoft website “Fair Play“ launched

December 1 Art. Lebedev Studio discontinues support of all MTS projects we’ve been working on for the last seven years

Website of Nokia’s winter promotion campaign “Time To Get Stylish Presents” opened

Design of the book “Re: Marketing. Is Funk Style Possible?” by N. Tereshchenko, E. Tribunskaya, and O. Koren completed

November 30 Design of Clavvs toilet paper holder completed

November 29 S7 airline poster created

November 28 Investsberbank corporate identity completed

November 25 Bank of Kabinet furniture images created

November 23 Pass the cursor over the studio’s logo at the top of the page. There are enough colors to last you through the day.

Trolleys with Amtel-Vredestein transit ads roll the streets of Moscow

Four Ramstore supermarkets decorated for Christmas

Design of the book “Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution by M. Hammer and J. Champy completed

November 22 Design of the book “Time Drive” by Gleb Arkhangelsky completed

Design of the book “Business is Combat“ by James D. Murphy completed

November 21 City group’s CD “City of Love” released

IKEA print ad “Uninterruptible Food Supply” created

Print ad of Diners Club WWF charity card released

Alfa-Forex website goes online

MDM Bank promotion page “Garage is Where a Car Belongs“ opened

Kabinet corporate identity, advertising, and website completed

November 18 Atmark mugs become available for sale in Germany. Please contact the agency for inquiries regarding distribution

November 17 Design of Obedius dinner table created

November 15Perspectives on Strategy from The Boston Consulting Group” by Carl W. Stern and George Stalk published

Design of Philip Morris’ “Technologies of Success” trade program materials completed

November 11 Book about Japanese rock published by California-based Stone Bridge Press

November 9 Website of Kopeck retail chain opened

November 8 IKEA promotion page “Who’s sitting well at a desk?” completed

November 7 October collection of illustrators’ works published

November 1 Queengroup wall calendar created

October 31 Whole nine yards for Soyuznik Bank completed

Industrial design of Librastat book holders completed

October 24Yesenin: The Story of the Murder” TV series print ad created for First channel

October 20 Design of StarPort 2.0 website templates completed

Design of IKEA thank-you letter on paper and the Web created

Activ brand corporate identity for GSM-Kazakhstan completed

October 18 Design of the booklet and other paraphernalia for the second Theater Web festival completed

Amtel-Vredestein holding website goes online

October 17 Print ad for “Stag Hunting” TV series aired on First channel created

Walruses group’s CD “Kosher Songs About Things That Matter” released

October 14Uninterruptible food supply”, an IKEA promotion page, opened

October 13 Page of Moscow International Bank promotional event for VISA cardholders opened

October 11 IKEA promotion page “Any table can become a smorgasbord” opened

October 10 1C:Multimedia retail store interiors and navigation completed

Amtel-Vredestein advertising campaign on the radio, in print media and Moscow streets is in full swing

October 5 Design of 5000 ruble Yandex-Money card created

October 4 September collection of illustrators’ works published

October 3 Art. Lebedev Studio turns 10 years old

September 29 ColorShift Atmark mugs (available in a variety of colors) are back on sale

September 26 Design of Aeromobile website templates completed

Print ad for “Killing Power” TV series that’s being aired on the First channel created

September 21 Website of Microsoft’s promotion event “Let others learn from his example” opened

September 7 Information on IKEA stand at HotelExpo exhibition published

August collection of illustrators’ works published

Second version of Microsoft website in Kazakhstan opened

1C:Multimedia logo completed

September 3 Velkopopovický Kozel beer website goes online

August 26 Matiz website opened

August 25 Queengroup website opened

August 19 Second version of Mega website completed

Fan Quixote stand fan completed

Book cover design of “The War for Talent” by E. Michaels, H. Handfield-Jones and B. Axelrod (Russian translation) published

August 11Breakfast”, a book by Oksana Grivina, published

August 10 Website of Nokia Roadshow, a mobile technologies festival, completed

August 4 Don’t forget to check out NokiaLab–2005 festival promotion website

July collection of illustrators’ works published

August 1 Design of Vneshtorgbank-24 website templates completed

July 25 Triagonus kitchen set completed

Diners Club WWF charity card released

Art. Lebedev Studio was certified as the only provider of design solutions for Diners Club new co-brand and LifeStyle cards in Russia

New TaskWatch whiteboards go on sale

July 21 Yandex-Lenta website goes online

July 20 AlfaDrive promotion website launched

IKEA promotion page “Office of Decorum” opened

July 19 To thwart the attack of clones, some of them have been put on public display at the Clone Museum

July 16 Friday brought us a total of 444 172 English- and Russian-speaking visitors to the Optimus keyboard page.

July 15 The page containing the description of the Optimus keyboard made it to the big time in the web the day it was published. The Russian page was visited 97 811 times, the English one—133 040 times (slashdot effect :-). Since yesterday we’ve been receiving two letters a minute from people wondering where they can buy the keyboard.

Mandership, a motley collection of sections dealing with topics as diverse as design itself, is now available in English translation

July 14 Optimus keyboard concept completed

July 11 IKEA promotion page “PAX Puts Things in Order” launched

July 8 Knorr promotion website “Time to Make a Break” goes online

Our heartfelt congratulations to Art Director Oleg Pashchenko (Cmart) whose website Conclave Obscurum was named the winner of the Flashforward festival

July 5 June collection of illustrators’ works published

SIM-Service website opened

Second version of OKKO summer promotion campaign website launched

July 1 Check out a new huge section: Art. Lebedev Studio illustrators

June 29 Samsung running festival promotion website completed

June 23 Navgeocom corporate identity completed

Logo and corporate identity of Simferopol-based transport company SimCityTrans completed

Corporate identity of Azimut completed

June 22 Restavracia-N corporate identity completed

East-West Fitness & Pilates Studio corporate identity completed

Attaché Bank corporate identity completed

June 21 Ogoniok magazine website launched

June 16 Cover design of Igor Mann’s book “100% Marketing. Remix

June 13 Investsberbank website started

June 9 Yandex-Dictionaries website opened

June 3 Industrial design of low-current adjustment unit for NT-MDT completed

TARIO website launched

May collection of illustrators’ works published

June 2 Yandex-Billboard website goes online

May 31 MAXIM magazine website launched

May 24 HYPE Gallery website launched

May 21 Second version of Spam Defense website launched

May 19 Épique cigarettes ad reel completed

April collection of illustrators’ works published

May 18 Minicar–2005 festival posters starring Matiz published

May 16 Rostik’s brandbook design and composition completed

Materials of IKEA promotion campaign “Offices: New Version” completed

May 15 Moscow metro celebrates 70th birthday

May 13 Logo and corporate identity of Integra completed

Presentation of i-mode, MTS new service, completed

May 11 From now on Art. Lebedev Studio illustrators’ works printed on clothing, accessories or dishware are available for sale at Tangerine Gift Studio

April 30 On May 1–10 Art. Lebedev Studio goes on holiday. Envious? Join and work with us!

April 29 Art. Lebedev Studio illustrators Dominik Heilig and Arne Beck were mistaken by a Bolshoi Gorod weekly photographer for crazy Muscovites walking around in T-shits at 41°F

Second version of “Fresh Atmosphere with Samsung Air Conditioners” promotion website launched

April 27 Vneshtorgbank website design templates completed

April 25 Industrial design of Samsung Sweetheart microwave ovens series completed

April 22 Website of Ukraine-based OKKO gas stations goes live

A series of MEGA electronic dictionaries with our covers released

April 21Merger and Acquisition” album by Mumiy Troll group released

Gospel of Soloviev” is about to be released by Colibri publishing house. This time we went far beyond the cover design, having designed everything under it

Studio’s Kiev-based branch moves to its own new premises at 33-26/26, Gorkogo Street. Please check out the new phone number, too

April 19 Second version of Microsoft Russian website opened

April 18 Design of Globus kettle of the Flamma series completed. On sale from August this year

April 15 Detailed information on Paliha–750 telephone set interface

April 13 Microsoft’s Infinite Benefits of the Infinite World website launched

April 11 Corporate identity, catalog and exhibition stand of Becar 2000 completed

March collection of illustrators’ works published

April 4 15 millionth visitor entered the main page of our Russian website

March 30 Promotion website of new Rexton offroaders created

March 27 Muzodrom website launched

March 26 Industrial design of Mus computer mouse completed

First lot of Paliha P-750 telephone sets is on sale. The phones are available at large home appliances stores and at the studio

March 23 TNK-BP website wins the Best Corporate Site contest held by Moscow Business Times

March 21 Antigua Overseas Bank website goes online

March 20 Moscow Cow Parade website launched

March 15 Knorr website started

Book series by Pyotr Katerinichev designed by us published

March 11 Design of St. Petersburg stand for MIPIM 2005 international exhibition completed

March 10 Book series by Natalya Nesterova designed by us published

March 9 Website of TNK-BP Ukraine oil company launched

March 4 Logo and website of Kultu.Ru! project completed

February 24 Samsung Gallery website opened

February 21 February collection of illustrators’ works published

February 19 Alfa Bank web standards developed

February 18 Our dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations lists 80,000 words—we’re nearing one hundred thousand

February 13 Artemy Lebedev turns 30 years old

February 10Cherta” album by Tracktor Bowling released

February 8 With website launched and posters completed, we are carrying on with Love. Mega promotion campaign

Behold the ads of Matiz with automatic transmission in Moscow streets

February 4 Website of Status program for Philip Morris Ukraine partners launched

Website of “State in the 21st Century” conference launched

On a fine Friday evening the 14 millionth visitor entered the main page of our Russian website

January 28 Uz-Daewoo autosalon website goes online

January 26 Designer Vyacheslav Kuteyev (who doesn’t work for the studio) got a tattoo with our motto “Design will save the world” in Japanese based on a sketch by Artemy Lebedev

January 21 January collection of illustrators’ works published

Fourth chapter of a story about how illustrations for the project “Table Talk of 1882” jointly implemented by Boris Akunin and the studio published

January 19 Logo, corporate identity, navigation, exteriors and brandbook of ABI Financial Group (Antigua and Barbuda) completed

January 14 Third chapter of a story about how illustrations for the project “Table Talk of 1882” jointly implemented by Boris Akunin and the studio published

January 3 In 2005 Art. Lebedev Studio will celebrate its 10th anniversary and implement such projects that everybody will just eat their hearts out


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