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Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2007

December 29 Another two chapters of the story about illustrations for Table Talk 1882 project published in Backstage

Art. Lebedev Studio goes on holiday December 30 — January 13. Thank you all and Happy New Year!

Ozersky Souvenir corporate identity completed

Parser 3.2.2 completed

December 28 Next two chapters of the story about illustrations for Table Talk 1882 project published in Backstage

December 27 Payana corporate identity completed

Disc cover for “My Own Wolf: A New Approach” created

A Book On Presenting Automobiles” by Ilya Tikhonov completed

American WIRED magazine included Optimus Maximus in the top 10 gadgets for 2007. It is worth mentioning that last year they also put this keyboard among top vaporware.

December 26 First four chapters of the story about illustrations for Table Talk 1882 project published in Backstage

Georg” movie poster created

Design of Cumulus key ring completed

Cover design for Dec 2007 issue of Shtat magazine created

December 24 A new perfectly interesting section opens on our site. Welcome Backstage!

Traditional December photograph of the studio staff published

Two parts of Andrey Tikhanov’s story about illustrations for Vredestein published in Backstage

Disc cover for “Clay modelling” created

December 23 Agrus typeface completed

December 19 Book cover for “Strategy and the Fat Smoker” by David Maister designed

Cover design for Micro MBA series created

December 18 Design of Dosugus cushion completed

EMEX corporate identity completed

December 17 We keep our tradition and publish New Year cards in Routine section till January 15.

December 16 New Year is coming and it’s time to get our gift certificates for your friends and family so they can get themselves anything they wish for.

December 12 Tongyin typeface completed

December 10 Design of SHAR-404 portable set completed

Order page interface for Mosgorreklama street spanning banners designed

December 6 Disc cover for “Cheburashka Learns English” created

Design of Puzzlus puzzle completed

Foreign interns’ comments on their experience at the studio available at the site from now on

December 5 November collection of illustrators’ works published

November 30 Disc cover for “Cheburashka at the Zoo. Logics. Part II” created

November 28 Head & Shoulders comic strips completed

Disc cover for “Knitting patterns” created

Disc cover for “Cross stitch patterns” created

November 27 Design of Millimetrus note cube completed

Book cover for “Marketing: Questions Welcome” by Igor Mann designed

Book cover for “Rigorous Magic: Commumication Ideas and Their Application” by J. Taylor and S. Hatch designed

Book cover for “Rhetoric. The Art of Speaking in Public” by Irina Leshutina designed

November 26 Website for MDM-Bank credit lines completed

Kultu.Ru! stand at the X Eurasian TeleForum exhibition designed

Cover design for Nov 2007 issue of Shtat magazine created

November 22 Book cover for “Blogs. New Sphere of Influence” by Anton Popov designed

November 21 Book cover for “Champagne: How the World’s Most Glamorous Wine Triumphed Over War and Hard Times” by D. and P. Kladstrup designed

November 20 Design of Atmark 2.0 completed

November 18 Asian Ridibundus smiley set available for sale

Gift set for Microsoft safety promo-campaign designed

November 17 Yandex information bulletin created

All the curious know that…” by Yana Frank completed

November 16 Bonga online casino corporate identity completed

Bonga online casino website layout completed

November 11 October collection of illustrators’ works published

November 10 Navgeocom presentation completed

November 8Automate it!” website for Helpline launched

November 1 Yandex Fotki board designed

October 30 Design of bottles for Osoboe mnenie vodka created

October 27 Design of Vespertilium clothes-peg completed

October 26 On Monday, October 29 Art. Lebedev Shop (version 1.0 β) opens in Moscow. Demo of the first assembled Optimus Maximum keyboard at 8 p.m.

Dulsinea typeface completed

Disc cover for “Cheburashka. Big-eared tales” created

October 25 Design of Yellow scotch tape completed

October 19 Design of Teleport 2.0 completed

October 17 Book cover for “The Forgotten Half of Change: Achieving Greater Creativity Through Changes in Perception” by L. de Brabandere designed

Art. Lebedev Studio switches from Pantone to NCS

October 15 AB.LV website 2.0 launched

Asakar corporate identity completed

Cover design for “Happiness Equation” by Manfred F. R. Kets De Vries created

October 11 Art. Lebedev Store in St. Petersburg now open daily 1 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Theatre Web-2007 festival identity created

October 10 Cover design for Oct 2007 issue of Shtat magazine created

October 9 Chronus Holding corporate identity completed

October 8 Yandex Championship 2.0 launched

October 7 4.0 web-published

October 6 September collection of illustrators’ works published

October 5 Design of Pultius TV remote control completed

October 3 Third Art. Lebedev Store opened in Kiev. All goods—from T-shirts to teapots—available at Leonardo business center, Hmelnitskogo 17/52A.

Trolleybus Snickers advertisement created

Art. Lebedev Studio turned 12

October 2 Second Art. Lebedev Store opened in St. Petersburg. The whole range of our products available at the Passage, Nevsky 48.

Book cover for “Lessons in Loyalty: How Southwest Airlines Does It-An Insider’s View” by Lorraine Grubbs-West designed

September 26 Alfa Bank English website 4.0 goes online

September 21 Nomos Bank website launched

Book cover for “Alone” by Natalia Tolstaya designed

Book cover for “River” by Tatiana Tolstaya designed

Incredibly Active Supplement” ad campaign launched

September 20 Book cover for “Living Leadership” by George Binney, Gerhard Wilke and Colin Williams designed

Works of Art. Lebedev Studio designers presented for Lacoste 12.12 charity campaign

September 15 August collection of illustrators’ works published

September 10 Cover design for Shtat magazine completed

Cover design for Sept 2007 issue of Shtat magazine created

September 6Russian Gambling” movie poster created

Welcome to the world of IT!” website for Microsoft launched

September 5 Design of Loit Eagle audio system completed

Metrostroy corporate identity completed

September 1 MIM-Kyiv website goes online

Railroad” movie illustrations completed

Railroad” movie poster completed

August 31 ZAZ Sens automobile brandbook designed

EMEX logo completed

EMEX website launched

EMEX promo-page completed

Design of EMEX exhibition stand completed

School Yandex launched

Book cover for “The McKinsey Mind” by Ethan M. Rasiel and Paul N. Friga designed

Book cover for “Way of the Turtle” by Curtis Faith designed

August 28Paradox” movie poster created

Disc cover for computer game “A Home for Cheburashka. Logics. Part I” created

Disc cover for computer game “Sky Captain. Steam Wars” created

August 24 Federation tower website goes online

August 11 Nomos Bank English website completed

August 10 Higher School of Economics website layout completed

August 9 Matryoshkus set of six traditional Russian dolls available for sale

Paliha-550 telephone set designed

Book cover for “Delivering the Goods: The Art of Managing your Supply Chain” by D. Schechter and G. Sander designed

August 7 Yandex 10.0 launched

July collection of illustrators’ works published

August 3 51 companies joined the agreement on the use of the rouble sign on the first day and 79 more on the second.

Gradient logo completed

August 1 Art. Lebedev Studio invites professional designers to join the agreement on the use of the new ruble sign.

The new ruble sign is used offline for the first time—on price tags in Art. Lebedev Store

July 25 Metrika website completed

Paritet-98 website goes online

Ridibundus smiley sets and Optimus Mini keyboards available at

Optimus mini three keyboard received IF communication design award 2007 (Interface)

July 18 Book cover for “Marketing As Strategy” by Nirmalya Kumar designed

July 17 Disc cover for “Prof. Tsygankov’s Safe Driving Lessons” created

July 13 Askeri website launched

July 9 Book cover for “Virtuoso Teams” by Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer designed

July 5 Advertisement of a new album “Amba” by Mumiy Troll created

July 4 Website for ZAZ Sens automobile completed

June collection of illustrators’ works published

June 26 BBK-Prognoz promo-site goes online

Disc cover for “3D instructor” created

Art. Lebedev Studio’s contract with Nokia cancelled

June 23 New Art. Lebedev Studio Lavatories finished

June 22 Design of Folderix flash drive completed

Art. Lebedev Store opened in Moscow at “Tverskaya, 9” situated between Samsung gallery and McDonalds. All our products—from books to keyboards—now available offline!

CD with the trial version of Microsoft Office 2007 and website, both called “Faster”, completed

June 20 Main Passenger Club corporate identity completed

June 19 Design of discount cards for KM/H car dealership completed

June 15 Corporate identity of Unifex completed

June 7 May collection of illustrators’ works published

Website of Moscow City Advertising goes online

June 1 APA corporate identity completed

Website of TNK visual standards launched

May 25 Beta version of Yandex-Photos website goes online

May 23 Design of Copilcus piggybank completed

May 17Three Graces” promotion website for Samsung’s slim phones opened

May 16 Cover design for “Yo moyo” album by Alexey Maklakov completed

May 14 Website of Microsoft’s Polygon 2007 seminar series launched

Cover design of the book “The Minto Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing, Thinking and Problem Solving” by Barbara Minto completed

May 10 Cruelty movie poster created

Cover design of the book “WORK THE POND!” by Darcy Rezac, Judy Thomson and Gayle Hallgren-Rezac completed

May 7 Cover design of the “Werewolf” album by Aesthetic Education completed

May 4 April collection of illustrators’ works published

April 27 Design of Magistratius paper trays created

April 26 Corporate identity and stuff for Kompot restaurants completed

April 23 Mosfinagency website launched

April 20 Paritet–98 corporate identity completed

April 13 Cover design of three New Disc CDs completed

April 11 March collection of illustrators’ works published

April 1 Design of Vilcus plug dactyloadapter completed

March 29 Poster for the Freight 200 movie directed by Alexey Balabanov completed

March 27 Design of Dispensum adhesive tape dispenser finished

Design of Next Station bookmark set completed

March 22 Know how to sell to the world’s biggest retailers? Prove it and have the job

March 16 You are welcome at our stand (E22, hall 19) at the CeBIT trade fair taking place in Hannover on March 15–21

March 14 Corporate web guidelines for TNK-BP Management subsidiaries’ sites completed

March 12 February collection of illustrators’ works published

March 10 Design of BBK LCD TV remote control completed

March 7May” movie poster completed

March 5 Second version of “Selection and Secrets of Mobile Phones” CD cover designed

First three books of a new business series published by Pretext publishing house

Corporate identity, a print ad, a CD and website templates for Alpari completed

IFD-Kapital corporate identity refurbished and brandbook completed

February 21 Design of Verbarius electronic clock completed

February 20 Second version of Ukrsotsbank site opened

February 14 A book series by Tatyana Tolstaya reprinted by Eksmo publishing house

February 13 Ekibastuz typeface completed

Layout of the first issue of Russia! magazine completed

February 5 January collection of illustrators’ works published

February 1 Design of Superbitus money box completed

January 23Evigheden-2” ice tray is available for preorder

January 16 December collection of illustrators’ works published


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