Art. Lebedev Studio

founded in 1995

Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2021

March 5 TalentCode logo and identity designed

March 3 Depth of Feelings card created

February 26 Tourism brand strategy for Africa created

February 25 Volochanka village website created

February 19 Chrono website designed

February 18 Khokhlovka identity created

February 17 Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences by John Allen Paulos published

February 15 Bezlimit website designed

February 12 Valentine's Day poster designed

February 10 Kazan Special Olympics identity created

February 8 Hauss Mono typeface created

February 5 Men's embroidered leather gloves designed

February 3 Hamkor Bank mobile app created

February 2 Zhuravushka bridal salon logo created

January 30 SberSpasibo program website created

January 28 Sugar free toppings created

January 27 Tundra Bitter desert liqueur logo designed

January 26 Sobin Agro logo created

January 22 Eden Fantasys packaging and premium packaging designed.

January 21 Topschool online school logo created

January 20 NPK logo designed

January 19 Prosto logo created

January 18 Sirius typeface created

January 15 High collar sweatshirt created

January 14 Everyteka logo designed

January 13 Indoor Russia website created

January 12 The Most Honest Sticker Pack created

January 11 Drive Electro website designed


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