Art. Lebedev Studio

founded in 1995

Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2021

December 29 New Year Poster (2022) designed

December 27 Komplektatsiya Oteley logo designed

December 24 Chisty city naming, identity and architecture typology created

December 23 Legal Innovation Center logo designed

December 22 Balancia supplements name and identity, packaging and website created

December 16 logo created

December 14 Station name lettering for Aminyevskaya, Prospekt Vernadskogo, Michurinskiy Prospekt, Zyuzino, Novatorskaya and Vorontsovskaya Moscow Metro stations created

December 13 UA Hosting website designed

December 10 Bleximo identity designed

December 8 Third edition of Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Müller-Brockmann published

December 6 Agrobank identity and typeface created

December 3 Cover for How to Say No by Patrick King designed

December 1 Cover for The Practical Negotiation Handbook by Melissa Davies designed

November 30 Precious Group logo created

November 25 FPMI logo designed

November 24 Academia platform website designed

November 23 Russian flag produced

November 19 Chernogolovka school façades designed

November 18 logo created

November 17 Chrono banner generator created

November 16 Oversize t-shirt designed

November 15 Meshchersky Park identity designed

November 11 Tendergo logo created

November 3 People's Unity Day poster created

November 2 Stanislav Eyrich logo created

Sixth edition of The Publisher’s and Author’s Handbook by Arkady Milchin and Lyudmila Cheltsova published

November 1 Second edition of The Language of Composition by Yuri Gordon published

October 29 Chrono website checkout page designed

October 28 Fourth Edition of Book of Letters from Аа to Яя by Yuri Gordon published

October 26 Defender Team club logo created

October 22 Mnogotochie school identity designed

October 19 Vimu media player logo created

October 18 Forward Leasing mobile app designed

October 12 Chicko café logo designed

October 8 SberSpasibo mobile app designed

October 7 Nededov Metod name and logo created

October 6 Skaterkus-1 tablecloth created

October 5 iPiter store logo designed

October 1 2022 calendar created

September 30 Sematika logo created

September 29 Fabula typeface created

Cover for The Art of Witty Banter by Patrick King designed

September 28 Pindushi woodworking plant logo created

Replastik logo designed

September 27 Intranetus mobile app for iOS created

September 24 DonatePay website created

September 23 Jungle pattern created

September 21 Safe Equip logo created

September 17 Tatuirovkus created

September 16 Cover for Practical Intelligence by Patrick King designed

Cover for Read People Like a Book by Patrick King designed

September 15 Cover for Online Influence by Bas Wouters and Joris Groen designed

September 14 Cover for The Imposter Cure by Jessamy Hibberd designed

Helper Sew logo designed

September 13 Cover for True Profit! by Hermann Simon designed

September 10 Krono created

September 9 Black Ocean identity designed

September 7 Sklad Oborudovaniya logo created

September 3 Razmerus created

September 2 Seventh edition of Mandership by Artemy Lebedev published

August 26 Anumis numismatics auction logo designed

August 25 Obgonus t-shirt created

August 19 Timur logo designed

August 17 Vam Iz Taigi name and logo created

August 12 Adegma logo designed

August 5 Yulia Tertyshnaya logo created

July 30 Central Properties identity designed

July 23 Avgust website designed

July 20 Deteaco logo designed

July 18 Metallurgists' Day poster created

July 13 Financial Culture website designed

July 5 Meeting Point website designed

July 2 POS Credit website created

June 29 RANEPA façade type design created

June 21 People series of sculptures created

June 17 A4 YouTube channel logo created

June 16 Second edition of Graphic Style: From Victorian to Hipster by Steven Heller and Seymour Chwast published

June 15 Playrix website designed

June 12 Russia Day poster created

June 10 Lampo app logo created

June 8 Kvanter logo created

June 4 Cover for The Science of Social Intelligence by Patrick King designed

June 2 Passport covers created

June 1 iPhone Piter store logo designed

May 31 Socks created

May 26 Bags created

May 19 Khokhlovka merch designed

May 18 Ortho Bar clinic logo created

May 17 Izmail tourist logo created

May 11 Radis bar logo created

May 7 T1 identity and promo website designed

May 1 Victory Day poster created

April 30 May 1 poster designed

April 29 Mezhdu Nami porridge logo designed

April 28 Citymatic guidelines created

April 27 Menu Lube logo created

April 23 Bibliotekus created

April 22 Fillfy logo designed

April 15 Profanity Museum logo created

April 13 Schavel workshop logo created

Swaps logo designed

April 8 Cover for Being Human by Debra Stevens designed

April 6 Planeta Seminarov logo created

April 1 Kinesthetica logo designed

Samesport logo created

March 31 REKAST website created

March 30 Diez typeface created

March 29 Maunfeld online store designed

March 24 Third edition of Objects of Desire by Adrian Forty published

Second edition of Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down by James Gordon published

March 23 Zaraysk design code created

March 16 Region logo created

March 15 Evraz calendar designed

March 11 Polar Pass created

March 10 Cover for Boss It by Carl Reader designed

March 5 TalentCode logo and identity designed

March 3 Depth of Feelings card created

February 26 Tourism brand strategy for Africa created

February 25 Volochanka village website created

February 19 Chrono website designed

February 18 Khokhlovka identity created

February 17 Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences by John Allen Paulos published

February 15 Bezlimit website designed

February 12 Valentine's Day poster designed

February 10 Kazan Special Olympics identity created

February 8 Hauss Mono typeface created

February 5 Men's embroidered leather gloves designed

February 3 Hamkor Bank mobile app created

February 2 Zhuravushka bridal salon logo created

January 30 SberSpasibo program website created

January 28 Sugar free toppings created

January 27 Tundra Bitter desert liqueur logo designed

January 26 Sobin Agro logo created

January 22 Eden Fantasys packaging and premium packaging designed.

January 21 Topschool online school logo created

January 20 NPK logo designed

January 19 Prosto logo created

January 18 Sirius typeface created

January 14 Everyteka logo designed

January 13 Indoor Russia website created

January 12 The Most Honest Sticker Pack created

January 11 Drive Electro website designed


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