Art. Lebedev Studio

founded in 1995

Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2022

December 30 Stimul group of companies logo created

December 29 2K coffee shop logo created

December 28 Bliss in the Field pattern designed

December 27 Udareniya app logo created

Kolgotkus-2023 created

December 23 Civimart identity created

December 22 Copterus app logo designed

December 20 Reseller Supply logo designed

December 19 Arctic stamp depicting Teriberka designed

December 16 Litres identity created

December 15 Cover for Intentional Communication by Patrick King designed

Legkiy Byt logo created

December 14 Opus restaurant name and logo created

December 13 Private Jet Villa hotel logo created

December 12 Cover for The Art of Self-Awareness by Patrick King designed

December 8 Indiya Na Izi service logo designed

December 6 K&K Legal Consulting logo created

Cover for Stop People Pleasing by Patrick King designed

December 2 Moscow Zoo wayfinding created

December 1 Cover for The Independent Thinker by Patrick King designed

November 29 Karolinaopt logo created

November 22 Ya Godny smoothie name and logo created

Cover for Control Your Emotions by Patrick King designed

November 21 Uralsky Dachnik logo designed

November 18 Tupolev-100 Metro train design created

November 17 Kayo Exchange website logo designed

November 15 Bariska coffee shop logo created

Cover for The Success Trap by Amina Aitsi-Selmi designed

November 14 Cover for How to Extract Info, Secrets, and Truth by Patrick King designed

November 7 Cover for Hidden Champions in the Chinese Century by Hermann Simon designed

November 4 People's Unity Day poster created

November 3 Myata Lounge logo designed

November 1 ShuShu family logo created

October 31 Kitfort brand zone design created

October 29 Halloween poster created

October 27 Cover for The Confidence Formula by Patrick King designed

October 26 Murmansk bus stop shelters designed

October 25 Lucky 7 logo designed

October 24 Faceter mobile app mascot created

October 19 Pyaterochka #Naletu app designed

October 18 Arctic Nature Park logo created

October 17 Agrobank branch office interiors designed

October 14 Nero smart plug designed

October 13 Nespresso coffee capsules 4.0 created

October 11 OTP Studio blog logo created

October 10 QazaqGaz identity designed

October 7 Lalala music service identity created

October 6 Suit Base logo designed

October 4 Rumyantsevo business park logo designed

October 3 Yesenin Museum identity created

September 30 Faceter mobile app website designed

September 29 2023 calendar created

September 28 WJay platform website designed

September 27 Shikana logo designed

September 26 Moscow Cares book designed

September 23 Norilsk public transport identity designed

September 22 Vas Naydut logo created

September 20 Asiya logo created

September 19 Tomsk Polytechnic University logo designed

September 16 Granate typeface created

September 15 JayJoy studio logo designed

Third edition of Selected Works of Leonardo da Vinci published

September 14 Teriberka design code created

September 13 Signum agency logo created

September 12 One Shot gaming club chain interiors designed

September 8 Green City Infrastructure logo designed

Fulcrum logo created

September 7 Na Rayone created

August 30 Avangard Hockey Club uniforms designed

August 26 Witty sauce created

August 25 Ares ERP platform logo created

August 24 Sokolov website and mobile app designed

August 23 Algorythm logo designed

August 16 New Generation logo created

August 15 Marine Instrumentation Corporation identity and exhibition stand created

August 11 logo created

July 26 Lea Malevich logo created

July 21 Servpoint logo created

July 19 Donetsk Rabbit logo designed

July 12 Marusia IT Solutions logo designed

July 7 Premium Hole logo designed

July 6 Summer pattern created

July 5 Melnichuk law firm logo designed

June 30 Tecolux logo designed

June 28 Za Profitom! blog logo designed

Jesswi logo created

June 23 Nemolodye Vetra logo designed

June 22 Taste, Microcosm, Planets and Cycle patterns created

June 21 99 Ballov school logo created

June 20 Match Point club logo designed

June 15 Event Horizon pattern created

June 10 Russia Day poster designed

June 8 Ideology by Nikolay Andreychenko and Andrey Reus published

June 7 Yazanyat platform logo created

June 3 Sunlight website 2.0, shopping cart and mobile app created

May 30 Sozvezdie website designed

May 27 VK Fest 2022 identity designed

May 26 Tehmedgaz logo created

Holes pattern created

May 24 Bubble Station space logo designed

May 20 Nikolay Ironov 2.0 created

May 19 Citron agency logo created

May 16 Ahner typeface created

May 13 Thunder FC identity created

May 12 Artcof logo designed

May 11 Indoleads website designed

May 7 Victory Day poster created

May 5 Carob Café logo designed

April 30 May 1 poster designed

April 28 Cover for They Stole It? Punish Them! by Aleksey Baschuk and Maxim Ilyahov designed

April 25 Choco mobile app designed

April 14 Banksters game logo 1.0 and 2.0 designed

April 12 Cosmonautics Day poster created

April 7 Verdian logo created

March 31 Prodimex website designed

March 30 Bleximo website designed

March 24 Istok website designed

March 17 FragMovie logo created

March 15 Mili logo designed

March 14 RANEPA website designed

March 10 Dolinov Group logo designed

March 9 Garicci logo created

March 3 Kolgotkus tights created

March 1 Khimopt.rf logo designed

February 25 Cover for First Steps to Financial Independence by Pavel Volkov designed

February 24 Bart logo 1.0 and 2.0 designed

February 18 Flying Cam website created

February 17 Choco identity created

February 16 Khibiny sign created

February 15 Microfibrus cloths designed

February 10 MKX Art website logo designed

February 9 Teriberka stele created

February 7 Drive Electro truck liveries designed

February 4 Sunlight identity created

February 3 Delivery Line logo created

February 2 Vydumschiki identity and labels designed

February 1 T1 website designed

January 31 Ryazan identity created

January 27 Equalizer Smile band logo created

January 26 SKA Arena sports complex website designed

January 25 Goji logo designed

January 21 Dostoevsky game collection created

January 18 Mnogo Yagod farm logo created

January 13 Chinachai name and logo created

Onsys logo designed

January 11 Bratya Brakonyery logo created


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