Art. Lebedev Studio

founded in 1995

Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2024

April 10 Pofo typeface created

April 9 Tents dance studio logo created

Urmall logo designed

April 5 website 6.0 created

April 2 Tsezar logo 1.0 and 2.0 designed

April 1 Kirovsk tourist wayfinding created

March 29 Elbrus resort identity designed

March 28 Everminer logo created

Mostagro logo designed

March 27 Zhurnalus 2.0 created

March 26 Burtsev Audio system design created

March 22 Nikolay Ironov 3.0 created

March 21 Yamal Philharmonic identity designed

March 20 Socks with socks created

Cover for The Science of Overcoming Procrastination by Patrick King designed

March 15 Autodoc website designed

March 14 Brand identity and packaging for Ermenrich measuring instruments created

March 12 Cover for Secrets of the Black Box by Alexei Ivanov designed

March 11 Perfect Panel logo created

March 5 Tubez name and logo created

March 1 Fairground structures and town signs for Suzdal's millennium anniversary created

February 29 Muravlenko entrance sign created

February 28 Lighthouse architectural concept created

February 27 Minus One computer club name and logo 1.0 and 2.0 designed

February 26 Tolmachevo Airport wayfinding created

February 21 Yapon typeface created

February 20 Sushi Bistro café logo 1.0 and 2.0 designed

February 19 Graphics and video for Gazprom created

February 13 Drawstring gift bag created

February 12 Fokus created

February 9 Kitfort appliance design created

February 8 Gift bags created

February 7 Gazprom Neft corporate typeface designed

February 6 Timefree logo created

February 1 Avtolider logo designed

Estate FM logo created

January 31 Aspire, Crystal, double-decked, Mimino and Moletta electric vessels designed

January 30 Foodmarket restaurant logo 1.0 and 2.0 designed

January 29 Teen oversize t-shirt created

January 26 Atach platform interface designed

January 25 Mechanical pins created

January 23 Osnova logo created

January 18 Adex Tobacco logo designed

January 16 SexGuru logo created

Arkson logo designed

January 15 Podzhopnikus created

January 12 Magnetic Popsoketus created

January 10 Melusina pattern created

January 9 DopProfi platform logo designed


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