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Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2011

December 31 In 2011, we’ve added 158 projects to our portfolio, which is 5 projects more than in 2010

On December 31, all our Moscow and St. Petersburg stores and cafés work till 7 p.m. to be reopened on January 2, 2012 at 2 p.m. and operate on regular business hours from then on.

December 30 Art. Lebedev Studio is off for the Holidays December 30 through January 9. Thank you for being with us and stay tuned!

December 29 2012 Daily Planners manufactured

Fuckopalypse screensaver introduced

December 26 All orders placed in our online store before December 28 will be delivered by New Year Eve by our couriers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev. Until December 31 all orders are accepted and delivered daily

Pereday Drugomu website created

December 23 All our Moscow and St. Petersburg stores (except for the one at Tverskaya Gallery) are open till 3 a.m. December 23 through 30

December 19 LiveJournal templates designed

December 15 Goodwalk website launched

December 14 Trust Bank website templates developed

December 13 Paying through PayPal, Google Checkout, and Amazon is now available for all items in our US catalog

December 12 Architectural elements, navigation and industrial design elements for Komsomolsky Prospekt in Perm designed

December 9 Our Kiev office turns ten. Congratulations!

Cover for Magical Kick: How to Advertise for Free by Alexey Ivanov created

December 8 Muchavka and the Giant app undate with added French language is now available on the App Store

December 6 We are accepting pre-orders for Optimus Popularis, Optimus Mini Six and Optimus Aux keyboards

December 5 Ridus T-shirts designed

November 29 Moscow Curling Club logo designed

Cover for Brilliant Negotiations by Nick Peeling created

November 28 Video designer job opening poster published

Kyivstar TV website designed

November 25 Black Friday deals are open until 12:01 a.m. EST, 11/26, have fun!

November 24 Enjoy your Thanksgiving and come back at midnight for the Black Friday deals!

November 17 Electronic version of The Diamond Chariot by Boris Akunin published

Electronic version of Cemetery Stories by Boris Akunin and Grigory Chkhartishvili published

November 14 Integralus digital watch concept created

November 10 Alexander Labas interactive gallery app for iPad introduced

Our online Holiday Shop is fully stocked and open for you

Corporate identity and bottles for Russian North vodka completed

November 9 Fuckopalypse 2012 wall calendar created

November 4 We’re working on some exciting Black Friday deals for you—check it out on November 25

October 31 Mosenergo postcards created

October 26 I'll Be Back screensaver designed

October 25 Cover for Brilliant Body Language by Max Eggert created

October 24 Redigo website templates developed

October 22 We’ve stocked up on some fun Halloween stuff. Shop now, if you dare

October 21 Sounds! by Tatyana Devaeva, Elena Erlikh and Alexei Lyapunov published

Just Bank corporate identity developed

Rozetkus power strip in new, light-gray color is now available for purchase

October 18 Ridus website launched

October 17 Hepatology Center posters designed

Cover for Futurology. 21st Century: Immortality or Global Catastrophe by Alexei Turchin and Mikhail Batin created

Poster for the web technologist job opening in Kiev created

October 13 Logo, theater bills, advertising campaign and website commemorating the grand opening of The Bolshoi Theater completed

Official edition of the Mafia playing cards released

October 11 We are accepting pre-orders for Lightbulb and Mug termokruzhkus mugs

October 10 Fuck The Rain umbrella is now available for pre-order

Muchavka and the Giant app is now available in English, find it on the App Store

October 6 Yandex.Business created

October 5 for touchscreen devices designed

October 3 Cover for Confidence by Rob Yeung created

Art. Lebedev Studio turned 16

September 30 Ridus documentation and stationary designed

Svintus power strip concept completed

September 26 website templates developed

September 20 Turkish Yandex launched

September 19 Maketicus precision knife created

September 16 House coffee blend #302 in 100g bags reached our stores

September 15 Book shelf design and "Art. Lebedev Studio books are for sale here" sticker created

September 6 website launched

September 2 Saponius soap dish created

September 1 ATR TV channel corporate identity completed

August 31 Third edition of Diary of a Maniac Designer by Yana Frank published

August 29 Hands On! poster designed

August 23 Thank you to everyone for visiting us at the Gift Fair in NY. If you are a wholesale buyer or purchasing agent who could not make it to the show, we welcome you to our new showroom opening on October 3, 2011 at our New York office. Or shop online

August 19 Cover for How to Argue: Powerfully, Persuasively, Positively by Jonathan Herring created

August 18 Moneta Pay payment terminals designed

August 12 Chocolate Cubes packaging designed

I Love NY fifteen puzzle produced

Our New York office is now open. Its initial activities will be sales only

You are invited to visit our booth #35043 (Pier #92) at the International Gift Fair in New York, NY on August 13-17

Gosloto advertising campaign is launched in Sheremetevo Airport

August 11 Kignu The Lamb book by Natalia Romashova published

August 9 The Sphere Of Fate packaging produced

August 2 Olympics 2014 website section for Gazprom launched

Meydan radio station corporate identity completed

To-go cups for the studio’s cafés produced

July 29 Gazprom online Encyclopedia launched

Di Alpino coffee and coffee shops visual identity designed

July 25 Ridus corporate identity completed

July 14 House coffee blend #302 in 1kg bags reached our stores

Paks corporate identity designed

July 11 Yandex black theme created

July 8 We are accepting internship applications for the period September 5–30

Website templates for the Russian Standard Bank's acquiring department created

July 6Photography Allowed” sign created

July 4 Cover for Mind Power by James Borg created

Istanbul Isiklarius traffic lights introduced

June 29 My Orders section for launched

Barrier logo created

Chalk and Honey typeface is available for purchase now

June 27 Each week and for a whole week our online store deeply discounts a random item

June 24 From June 24 to July 25 our online store and our store on Bankovsky features guest products from our partner stores

June 22 Just Travel kiosk design 2.0 completed

Zoich is launched.

June 17 Yandex Mobile for iPhone and Android launched

June 16 Prognoz corporate identity completed

June 13 New pins for Yandex maps designed

June 10 Cover for Bounce by Sue Hadfield and Gill Hasson created

Cover for Business Exposed by Freek Vermeulen designed

June 9 Odessa Opera and Ballet theater visual identity designed

June 8 Sunlight logo modernized

June 6 iCat app update has reached the App Store. Now it has 53 stories with multiple secrets on each page.

June 2 Poster for the sale of umbrellas in the studio's stores designed

May 25 Our congratulations to Yandex for astonishing success on North American market

May 24 Counter app 2.0 released

May 17 Klementina typeface is available for purchase

May 16 We are accepting pre-orders for Mandership, Third Edition by Artemy Lebedev

May 14 During the Night of Museums (May 14 to 15) our Store and Big Café on Bankovsky is open till 3 a.m.

May 13 Shtorkus bath curtains produced

May 10 Yandex-EGE online service launched

May 5 May celebrations poster for our studio cafés produced

We are accepting pre-orders for Leonid Pronenko’s Calligraphy for Everyone book

April 25 We are now accepting internship applications for the period May 20 through June 20

April 22 app 2.0 for iPhone and Android designed

April 21 Cover for How You Can Talk to Anyone in Every Situation by E. Sargent and T. Fearon designed

April 19 Elegance logo introduced

April 18 Burnt by the Sun 2: the Citadel movie poster created

April 15 Russian Management Model by Alexander Prokhorov published

Chance website templates created

April 14 Araba corporate identity designed

Vertokrut brainteaser produced

April 13 Each weekend one random item in our store on Bankovsky sells at bargain price

Delta Bank website launched

April 12 Energia corporate identity completed

Ctrl+O bottle opener produced

April 11 Russian Standard Bank video chat interface created

April 8 3D scanner for the Generation P movie completed

April 7 Gosloto logo 2.0 created

April 1 Ice skates Lekalus introduced

Povodokus dog leash designed

March 25 Interface for search completed

March 23 Emex corporate identity 2.0 completed

Not { } Just Shit! stickers released

March 22 iCat app update with new comics by Oleg Tischenkov now available in the App Store

March 14 Gross Kunst typeface now available for purchase

March 11 Haier water heaters designed

March 2 Cover for How to Be Assertive by S. Hadfield and G. Hasson designed

February 28 Kaluga region visual identity introduced

February 23 Kindergarten Is Too Late special express-version for Daddies available for download in PDF format

February 22 Cover for How to Influence by Jo Owen designed

February 21 Fal:se screensaver designed

February 19 Interface for online shopping cart 2.0 designed

February 16 Baby Club website designed

February 18 at 7 p.m. Rozetkus power strip and Mus3 computer mouse presentation takes place in our store on Bankovsky, 5. All questions regarding our electronics will be answered by our engineer who designs these products

Photo of the Day section launched on our website

February 15 Optogan LED light bulbs packaging completed

February 14 Abazhurus modular lamp-building kit designed

February 11 Rozetkus power strip reached our stores

Mus3 computer mouse created

February 10 Flashkus USB-drive concept designed

February 8 TNK Ukraine website 2.0 launched

January 27 Internship section launched on our website

January 26 Leibstandarte logo and visual identity designed

January 19 Space Invaders eight-bit playing cards produced website templates designed

Eternity ice-trays produced in new colors

January 18 After-Christmas sale is going on in our stores

January 4 We will be missing great Oleg Pashchenko

January 1 In 2011 Art. Lebedev Studio will amaze the world all anew


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