Art. Lebedev Studio

founded in 1995

Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2009

December 30 Traditional December photograph of our team published

December 29 GSL corporate identity package completed

Art. Lebedev cookies 2009 baked and offered as gifts

In 2009 we added 136 works to our portfolio, which is 118 less than we did in the previous year.

December 28 Yandex New Year 2010 screensaver created

Comedy Cafe logo and interior design completed

O’Zera chocolates tray design completed

Kaleidoscope lobby interior design

December 24 Sputnikus office stool design completed

December 23 Punctirus jewelry design completed

December 22 December ’09 issue of Creative Characters by MyFonts features an interview with three type designers from Moscow, two of them creators of Art. Lebedev typefaces

Fleximus camera concept designed

December 21 Transparentius road view transmitting system concept developed

December 20 On the remaining days of the year our café and store in Moscow and our café and store in St. Petersburg will be open till 3 a.m., so that everyone could buy presents without getting stuck in horrible traffic jams

December 18 Privat Invest website templates completed

December 16 Emergency Exit Route poster available to buy

Our new partner store Growing Point opened in Irkutsk, Russia

New Year is coming, so when ordering from our website please take into account the terms of delivery to get your presents in time

December 14 Luminarus glasses with blue lighting now available in our stores

December 8 Neuch typeface completed

Meringue typeface completed

2010 T-shirt collection is now available in our stores

December 7 Top 3 lottery identity package completed

We congratulate Oleg Pashchenko on his ten-year-and-one-week anniversary in the studio!

December 4 Volshebnik website launched

November 30 Starting December 1, our café and store in St. Petersburg is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Pseudopod & Bassoon store—from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

November 26 2010 Calendar for Tetra Pak designed

November 24 Russian Standard Bank website launched

Russian Standard online banking website templates completed

November 18 The Inhabited Island comic book completed

November 13 The Form of the Book, Second Edition by Jan Tschichold published in paperback

November 11 Our partner store Wow! in Volorga has reopened in a new location at 31 Predtechenskaya Ul.

November 10 Our online store now offers a number of new delivery options

November 9 Our new partner store Orangery opened in Volgograd

November 6 Printed hoodies are now available in our stores

November 4 Our new partner store Multidimensional Space opened in Voronezh, Russia

Art. Lebedev Studio café and store featuring our products and our amazing coffee opened in St. Petersburg at 2 Zhukuvskogo Ul.

November 3 Instrumentus bookmarks produced

Ulitseratura bookmarks released

October 30 IFC energy efficiency calculator interface completed

October 26 Some books published by the Studio are now available to buy at Amazon from Arbis Books

October 23 Gosloto logo redesigned

Black & Brown café logo completed

October 22 Theatre Web 2009 festival identity completed

Dotted, Dashed, Dash-Dotted and Line packing tapes are now available in our stores

October 20 Dosugus 2.0 pillow is available to buy

October 16 ~1570 Beans coffee is now available to purchase

Mom’s Hurrying Home by S. Dorosheva published

October 15 We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our partnership with Alfa Bank

October 9 Gosloto website templates and the templates for "5 Out of 36" and "6 Out of 45" lotteries websites designed

October 7 Art. Lebedev Studio turns 14

October 2 Compact Energy booklet completed

October 1 Cover for Beat the Crisis by Hermann Simon created

Coldrex website launched

VTB24 Private Banking website launched

September 28 Soviet Arcade Machines series of fridge magnets completed and available to buy

September 14 Baby Club corporate identity completed

September 10 Traditional autumn sale has started in our online store

September 5 Luminarus glasses with interactive lighting now available in our stores

September 3 Book design for My Book by Gaida Lagzdyn completed

September 1 Sberbank AST website templates and business documents design created

August 26 Felix Zawojski Hotel website launched

August 18 The Publisher’s and Author’s Handbook, Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged by A. Miltchin and L. Tcheltsova published

August 13 Cardiogram packing tape added to our range of design tapes, available to buy

August 12 GLONASS Navigarius car navigation system concept developed

August 11 Perm logo created

We updated our illustrators' portfolios and wish to remind you that any person or company is welcome to order in the studio any illustration for any purpose whatsoever

August 6 Antibuki fake book covers are now available in our online store

July 29 Traffic information boards installed in Kiev

July 17 Park corporate identity package completed

July 16 Est! website launched

T-shirts from last years collections are now on sale in our online store. For some designs there is only one item left

July 11 Dangerous Road sign designed

July 10 Residence Tyrshova corporate identity package completed

July 9 July 12 is the last day when our Moscow store Universe of Plungers is open. The store in New York is also closing, and our partners are closing their outlets in Belgorod and Ulyanovsk. The remaining eight stores stay open as usual

July 6 On Thuesday, July 7, our store Dreams Realization Point at 9 Tverskaya is closed due to expansion and renovation. Starting Wednesday, the store is open as usual: daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Our café on Nikitskaya will be open as usual, we've bought a new coffee grinder, and our coffee got even better (yes, a coffee grinder also makes a difference)

July 3 Verbarius has learned to speak Turkish and Esperanto

July 2 Baby Club logo designed

July 1 Stream website launched

June 30 Second version of our store Pseudopod & Bassoon in St. Petersburg launched

Morphers are now available in our store

June 26 Gazprom website launched

Sakhalin-2 website launched

June 24 Sokr.Ru 5.0 launched

June 23 Control panel interface for True-and-Clear preamps completed

June 9 We are now accepting pre-orders for The Publisher’s and Author’s Handbook by A. Miltchin and L. Tcheltsova that is being prepared for publication in our printing house

June 5 On June 5, Manager's Day is celebrated at the studio. The managers are allowed to be late, spend the whole day in the café, not to answer the phone and tell designers that everything will be done in time

Yamaha print ads completed

June 4 Raiffeisen Aval website 2.0 launched

June 3 Swissarmius cutlery holder produced

June 2 Yandex Mail 6.0 developed

May 28 Lemon Slices jelly candies are now available in our stores

May 1 Digitus door numbers available in our store

April 29 Yandex Metrika launched

Mezzo typeface released

April 27 Cover for Dialogues by Vladimir Berezin designed

April 22 Cover for The Charisma Effect: How to Make a Powerful and Lasting Impression by Andrew Leigh created

April 14 Sheremetyevo Airport website launched

April 9 Optimus Minimus keyboard stickers made available to buy

April 7 Zhelezny Media Agency promotion campaign created

April 3 Garage Center for Contemporary Culture corporate identity package completed

April 2 Kalinka Realty website launched

Legis website launched

April 1 Gridus barbecue grid designed

Lucky Ticket cookies created

Georgius cocktail sticks introduced

March 31 Passport covers are now available in our online store

Please note that our UK mailbox address has changed

Both our stores in Saint Petersburg: Pseudopod & Bassoon and Obvious Progress are now open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Zheldor typeface released

Our store Dreams Realization Point in Moscow is now open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

March 30 Disc covers for the Pantoocle and Zhookabra series of kids games designed

SimCityTrans bus stop design completed

March 27 Cover for I Am Janis by Cannie Moller designed

The Enemy’s Heart movie poster created

March 26 Card games are now available in our online store

March 25 Cover for Beyond: Business & Society in Transformation by Mario Raich and Simon L. Dolan created

Belarusian language now available for Verbarius clock

March 23 Taras Bulba movie poster created

On March 23, our café and store on Nikitskaya will close at 8 p.m. to give special treatment to some annoying omnivorous insects. On March 24, the café and store will open as usual—at 9 a.m.

March 19 Eurovse website launched

Tehnosila online store completed

We congratulate Roma Voronezhsky on his 10-year anniversary in the studio!

March 13 Granatny, 6 intranet completed

March 4 Yandex Images Search 3.0 completed

March 3 Energoatom presentation completed

February 28 Felix Zawojski Hotel corporate identity completed

February 19 Gazprom Neft intranet templates completed

February 16 Spectrus USB hub designed

February 12 Blondinka.Ru website templates completed

Dupes. Film One movie poster created

February 4 Our new partner store One Half opened in Almaty, Kazakhstan

January 30 Skrepkus paper clip concept created

January 29 Four new languages for Verbarius clock are available for download: Hungarian, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Swedish

January 26 Factory Safety screensaver for TNK-BP completed

January 23 Optim Crane cap design finished

Euroset People website launched

January 21 Vizerra virtual sightseeing application interface completed

January 20 Documentikus passport cover designed

January 1 In 2009 you will get to know the Studio in new, unexpected ways!


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