Art. Lebedev Studio

founded in 1995

Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2020

December 28 New Year poster designed

December 26 Stoloto New Year marathon 2021 designed

December 25 Coffee beans are now available in studio's stores

December 24 RCT logo and website designed

December 23 Lavrus promo video created

December 22 Arkhangelsk design code created

December 21 website 2.0 created

December 18 R-Pharm website designed

December 15 Land's End glamping logo designed

December 14 Radius watch created

December 11 RT anniversary website designed

December 10 Constitution Day poster designed

December 9 Second edition of A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander published

December 8 Krivitzky logo and website created

December 4 Dostoevsky World identity created

December 3 Eramed logo created

2021 calendar designed

December 2 Bionic Russia identity designed

December 1 Loqtag logo designed

November 27 Cyberfestival website created

November 26 Sixth edition of Russian Management Model by Aleksandr Prokhorov published

November 24 Anima Place logo created

November 20 PUD stores logo created

November 18 Skolkovo Ventures website designed

November 17 Letyago and Partners logo designed

November 11 Nothing but Pluses social advertising created

November 6 Deposit Insurance Agency website designed

November 5 Sheremetyevo Airport clock designed

November 2 People's Unity Day poster designed

October 30 IQ Quarter logo and wayfinding system created

October 29 Dabbawala logo designed

October 28 Sport 24 mobile app designed

October 27 Mr. Mozart YouTube channel logo designed

October 20 Choo Choo logo created

October 16 Sellavi identity and website designed

October 15 Instat logo designed

October 13 Malenkoe Schastye juice logo created

October 9 Gorky Park wayfinding system created

October 8 Kompasik online store logo created logo designed

October 7 Picturesque pattern created

October 6 Poryad OK logo created

October 5 Intranetus created

October 2 RPI Capital identity and website designed

BFI5.06 logo designed

September 30 Made in Russia merch created

September 29 Natoporah club logo designed

September 25 Dobroshrift created

September 24 Tinkoff Bank ATM designed

September 22 Chilibros logo designed

September 18 Absolem typeface designed

September 17 Reliz Zavtra logo created

05 store logo designed

September 16 Arctic information signs created

September 15 Raiffeisenbank brand system website designed

September 11 Everything but Espresso by Scott Rao published

September 10 logo created

September 8 Wicked Sauce created

September 4 NLMK service interfaces designed

September 3 Tantra logo created

September 2 Bezlimit identity designed

August 25 Nighthawk Solutions website designed

August 24 Sol typeface created

August 21 Pegas Agro website designed

August 20 Detox Travami logo created

Sinergiya logo designed

August 18 Russian Boxer website designed

August 17 Staraya Russa design code created

August 13 Slotshunter blog logo created

August 12 Yakutsk design code created

August 11 Pizza Point logo designed

Kazan logo created

August 6 Green Green coffee shop logo createdx

July 30 Sehnlich logo designed

July 23 Olimp Atlet logo created

July 21 Perseus logo created

Sapro website designed

July 20 Social Patrol bus livery designed

July 17 Discover Moscow website 2.0 created

July 14 Kraund website designed

July 8 Shlepkus flip-flops designed

July 7 Vorobiev Cloud logo created

July 3 Kostroma logo created

July 2 Adma website designed

July 1 Vista logo 2.0 created

June 30 Metro train of the future designed

June 24 Kraund ad created

June 23 Olga Ageeva nursery logo created

Estchange logo designed

June 19 Specigra new lottery designed

June 18 Repost logo created

Multiassets logo designed

June 17 Cover for Charismatic Leadership by Kevin Murray designed

June 15 Severstal careers website designed

June 12 Made in Russia mark designed

June 11 Nighthawk Solutions logo created

June 9 Agrus logo designed

June 5 Russia Day poster created

June 4 Shipn US logo designed

June 2 Cloning Facility logo created

Mimisocks logo designed

May 29 Mandership by Artemy Lebedev, Sixth Edition published

May 28 Orsknefteproduktservis logo designed

May 21 Domash Tattoo Shop logo created

Drinks app logo designed

May 20 ABS Electro website designed

May 15 Aquarium website 2.0 designed

May 14 Cover for Clearly, Plainly by Maksim Ilyakhov designed

May 6 Victory Day poster created

May 1 TransDorTeh identity created

April 28 May 1 poster designed

April 27 Forward Leasing identity created

April 24 Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down by James Gordon published

April 21 Beans logo designed

April 17 Raiffeisenbank card design created

April 14 Aktivnye Deti logo designed

Nespresso coffee capsules are now available in studio's stores

April 9 Dream Team House logo created

April 7 Neo Bags logo designed

April 6 Stoloto terminal interface designed

April 3 Wildberries website designed

Third edition of The Professional Barista’s Handbook by Scott Rao published

Fifth edition of The New Typography by Jan Tschichold published

April 2 Nolaces logo created

April 1 South Stream website designed

March 31 Altan logo designed

You Me You logo created

March 30 City Clinical Hospital No. 40 logo and website designed

March 25 Metro screens interface designed

March 19 73 Online portal logo created

March 18 COVID-19 pandemic identity designed

March 16 3D objects for Moscow maps created

March 13 Pan Electric logo and packaging designed

March 12 Kezh logo created

Kraund logo designed

March 11 Dushu logo created

March 10 Fermer Karelii logo created

March 5 Courtyards pattern created

Planta logo created

March 2 Zum-zum typeface created

February 27 Wjooh! service logo created

Inlink logo designed

February 26 Brixo website designed

February 25 Faces pattern created

February 20 Blank t-shirt designed

February 19 Naufor logo 2.0 designed

February 18 Study English, Speak English logo created

February 17 Routemark travel accessories designed

February 14 Valentine's Day poster designed

February 13 Andcards logo created

February 12 Printonika logo designed

February 10 Cover for Think Like a Psychologist by Patrick King designed

February 7 Transnistria logo designed

February 6 Wood Face logo designed

February 5 Beeline website 2.0 designed

February 4 Street Hero app logo created

Vrgra logo designed

February 3 Quick Payment System website designed

January 31 Stoloto online store 3.0 designed

January 30 Monitron sensors designed

Alien Ugo logo created

January 29 Wildberries banner generator created

January 28 Prizyva Net logo designed

January 27 Nashe Derevo identity, communication strategy and advertising banners created

Kan logo designed

January 21 Igla logo designed

January 17 Span typeface created

January 15 Vodichka water logo designed

January 14 Leo Zhukov logo created

January 10 Cover for Helping People Change designed

January 9 U Nas Horoshy Vkus logo designed


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