People series of sculptures

Task: to come up with a series of art objects for a park.

A park is the best place for family recreation. People walk, swim, play sports and do many other interesting things here.

We developed a series of sculptures that can not only decorate a park, but also help people find their way around it.

The beach goer

A man made of wood is sunbathing on the beach by a lake.

people sculptures 01

Everything about the art object invites passers-by to lie down next to the man and give their faces some sunshine.

people sculptures 02

Expressive in its simplicity, the sculpture is the opposite of impregnable bronze monuments. Its flat surfaces are comfortable to sit on, fun to run on and jump off into the sand, making your mom worry.

people sculptures 03

The goalkeeper

The entrance to the soccer stadium is decorated with a figure of a goalkeeper jumping to catch the ball.

people sculptures 04

The dynamic composition looks great from any angle, making you want to take a picture of it and show the result to your friends.

people sculptures 05

The brutal finish is part of the intended image. Thanks to the simplicity of the forms, any imperfections in execution only add to the sculpture’s expressiveness.

people sculptures 06

Dad the horse

To get to the playground, you have to go under the belly of a dad playing horse with his kids.

people sculptures 07

The dad is carefully watching over the fun happening on his back and invites other parents to do the same.

people sculptures 08

At night the sculpture looks rather intimidating. And that’s cool!

people sculptures 09

The dancer

A graceful figure made of concrete is dancing (the best she can) in the middle of an open space in the central area of the park.

people sculptures 10

During the day she serves as a landmark and at night she gathers those who want to move to some music.

people sculptures 11

Amidst the never-ending joy the frozen sculpture looks majestic and monumental in its own way.

people sculptures 12

The unwanted

On the far shore, away from the crows of people, a pensive iron man is sitting with his feet down in the water.

people sculptures 13

Those who want to enjoy the sadness and ponder about the finality of everything can sit down next to him.

people sculptures 14

All together

The memorable figures not only make the park a unique and unforgettable place but also help you find your way around it.

—Where are you?
—I’m by the yellow dude with kids on his back. Walk along the lake towards the soccer player, you’ll see him on the left.

people sculptures final

art director

designer and sculptor

Made in 35 days
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