Identity Website

Sellavi promo website

Task: to design a promo website for an ecommerce platform.

Sellavi makes opening an online store exceptionally simple: choose a template, upload photos and stop worrying—the system will take care of the rest. A promo website that makes it very easy to understand how to work with the platform was created at the studio.

The smiley face gives the user friendly hints, explaining what to do at each step.

There are a lot of funny balls and moving shapes here that constantly move and interact with the user keeping theme excited.

Main features of the platform are gathered and illustrated on one page.

The ability to upload product photos helps instantly see a prototype of a store page and evaluate what advertising will look like on different platforms.

Bright backgrounds with enticing tags were created for articles.

And the convincing bullets tell about saving time and money.

The website is perfectly adapted for mobile devices.

Made in 62 days
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