Blast furnace control room interior for Severstal

Task: to design the interior of a blast furnace control room.

Severstal is the largest mining and metallurgical company in Russia. It produces iron ore and coal, rolled products and all kinds of steel products: pipes, steel cables, wire, nails and fasteners. Severstal also makes cast iron in blast furnaces!

A blast furnace operates for decades without stopping. Engineer crews manage production in shifts from the central control room.

The comfortable and impressive interior developed at the studio will become the focal point of the tour of the new blast furnace No. 3.

severstal plan

The main room can be seen from the corridor, while secondary rooms are located behind curved partitions

The large screen shows key furnace indicators that need to be monitored continuously. Natural textures prevent eye strain.

severstal post blue

Small groups of visitors enter the presentation area located by the entrance. They don’t go any further so as not to interfere with furnace operation.

severstal press zone

The engineers’ workplace is a specially designed desk of a smooth shape that is easy to work around. The design includes concealed electric cabling. The desk has storage areas and individual power sockets.

severstal big table

Light fixtures in the shape of the Severstal logo provide pleasant diffused light over the workspace.

severstal light

Plants separate the workplace from the corridor and help create a more comfortable atmosphere. Large groups of visitors behind the glass do not interfere with the work of the engineers.

severstal showcase 01

A fragment of the company’s logo marks the main entrance to the control room.

severstal showcase 02
severstal door

Rest area is located in a space not visible to visitors.

severstal blackroom 01

The atmosphere here is relaxing at the same time quite brutal: just what a tired shift crew needs.

severstal blackroom 02

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