Wildberries pick-up points


Users can buy just about anything on Wildberries: in addition to electronics and clothes, the platform offers cosmetics, food, adult goods, airline tickets and garden gnomes. Nine million orders are placed daily, which are delivered to twenty-eight thousand pick-up points, forming the basis of the company’s logistics. At the pick-up locations, people try on clothes, check appliances and return items they don’t like or that don’t fit.

The studio developed a fresh and cozy interior design and updated the exteriors for the pick-up locations, gathering all solutions in a detailed guide. The new design reinforces the image of a modern high-tech company and adds comfort, both for visitors and for employees.

wb guide 02

Warm wood combined with soft lighting gives the restrained gray interior a cozy feel, while bright berry colors create cheerful accents.

Visitors are greeted by a welcome counter positioned against a branded wall decorated with artificial greenery.

wb guide 03

The counter is combined with a desk for checking products.

wb guide 04

A tubular pendant light is an impressive and memorable element that dilutes the austerity of the interior with its graceful silhouette.

wb guide 05

The smooth lines of curtain rods, mirrors and pouffes in fitting rooms keep the atmosphere friendly.

wb guide 06

Dark walls inside fitting rooms allow to fully enjoy the fitting process and your new look.

wb guide 07
wb guide 08

A separate desk contains everything needed to unpack large items and check electronics.

wb guide 09

At the core of the new visual style are outlines of berries of different shapes and sizes.

wb guide 10

Graphic elements are used neatly and subtly, making it especially pleasant to discover them in the interior—just like wild berries in a real forest.

wb guide 11

The boring wall of the warehouse is decorated with an unobtrusive pattern on the outside.

wb guide 12

A detailed guide containing the rules for finishing, lighting and furniture selection helps implement the design at every pick-up location.

wb guide 13
wb guide 14
Made in 127 days
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