Chernogolovka sports complex façade redesign

Task: to design a beautiful façade.

A sad Soviet building of a sports complex stood in the center of Chernogolovka. The grim gray walls looked sad and despondent. Instead of inspiring sport achievements, the building evoked thoughts of the frailty of life.

The sports complex was an ugly sore on the otherwise picturesque and green landscape of Chernogolovka.

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The building will be transformed with a new façade, elegant, light and adorned with sports-inspired illustrations.

The façade is finished with white aluminum composite panels of two types, solid and perforated. The dot pattern makes the building look lively and unique.

The vast glass surfaces are decorated with a film with silhouettes of athletes. Even from a distance you can tell that it’s a sports complex!

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The façade is illuminated at night and resembles night sky, high and star-strewn, just like the sky above Chernogolovka, far from the light noise of the capital.




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