Chernogolovka Palace of Culture

Task: to design façades and landscape for a Palace of Culture.

A new Palace of Culture will be built in the center of Chernogolovka, looking the way it should look in any modern city: with beautiful welcoming façades and surrounded by pleasant areas for quiet cultural recreation.

chernogolovka dk map

Facades of the new building fit well with Chernogolovka’s architectural landscape and its rich nature and convey the atmosphere of rich creative life.

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Thanks to the generous glazing of the first floor, the Palace of Culture and its picturesque surroundings feel like a coherent whole.

Light stone finishing above the main entrance is decorated with a counter-relief with neat lettering and elegant arch silhouettes that add theatrical refinement to the façade.

chernogolovka dk 01

Stone casings create an unobtrusive natural contrast with aluminum wood-styled fins.

chernogolovka dk 02

Landscaping of the territory takes into account the purpose of the façades: a car park and an unloading zone are next to the utility sides of the building while adjoining the main façades are cozy spaces for recreation with smooth natural lines and natural materials.

chernogolovka dk 03

The small square at the main entrance has round benches hiding in the shade of trees and a pavilion with street food, as well as exhibition stands which, together with lamp posts, are rendered in red and serve as bright dynamic accents.

chernogolovka dk 04

Raised flower beds make the square feel more chamber-like and dampen the city noise.

chernogolovka dk 06

On the other side is the landscaped amphitheater. The stage and the rows of seats are made of wood and delicately fit into the natural environment. The unusual colorful canopies provide protection from the summer sun and rhyme with the arches on façades.

chernogolovka dk 05

Behind the amphitheater, closer to the river, is a reading area. Those wishing to spend time there can make use of a small book exchange library.

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Readers can enjoy comfortable hammock swings under canopies that echo the elegant arch motif.

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