South Lake recreation area in Chernogolovka

Task: to create an amazing park in Chernogolovka.

Chernogolovka is a science city in close proximity to Moscow. It is home to over 20 thousand people of which every fourth works in the Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Chernogolovka has over a dozen of science and research institutes and the Experimental Plant of Scientific Instrument Engineering.

A new beautiful park will become an important part of the city’s cultural life.

chernogolovka map2

Sociological research

To learn what the residents want to see in the new park, we conducted a large-scale sociological study..

chernogolovka social 01

We carefully listened to and captured all concerns and wishes of various groups of people. To avoid confusion, we also took into account the fact that one person can be a member of multiple groups.

chernogolovka social 02

Pre-project study

We analyzed the current state of the plot of land dedicated for the park.

Planning solution

The park’s layout is based on the location of the forest, pathways, paths and entrances.

As a result, a master plan of the future park was created.

chernogolovka genplan

Architecture and design solution

Chernogolovka’s nature is beautiful and rich. At the same time, Chernogolovka is a technopolis. The new park reflects the beauty of the city but doesn’t forget its scientific roots.

The primary material used in the park is wood. Benches, buildings, pathways, café pavilions and even the observation deck are finished with wood, making the image of the park more natural and intimate.

Bright and contrasting metal objects remind about the scientific heritage.

chernogolovka materials

Scientific art objects

Abstract metal art objects provide a pleasant contrast with nature and remind about the place of science in the city’s history.

First street entrance

chernogolovka icon 01

The entrance is highlighted by a bright wooden portal of a complex and sharp shape. Its roof is divided into triangular segments which refract in different directions. It looks great both from inside and outside the portal.

Nearby is an exhibition stand with rotating panels of different colors and textures. All elements are made of wood and smoothly blend in with natural surroundings.

Second street entrance

chernogolovka icon 02

The main entrance to the park became an important public space, a place to rest, meet, communicate and spend time together. The square has a semicircular shady canopy with swings, and a pedestrian fountain.

Next to the fountain there are benches with bike racks and an art object, a yellow figure of a person inviting to enter the park. Beautiful!

Central street entrance

chernogolovka icon 03

Visitors are greeted by a tall dynamic portal that beautifully stands out against the surrounding thick forest. Next to it are large letters that work as a geotag, a photo spot and advertising for the park.

Beregovaya street entrance

chernogolovka icon 04

This entrance also has a portal. Although smaller, it is elegant and cute.

Multifunctional rest area

chernogolovka icon 05

The most pleasant location in the park is the glade by the lake with a multifunctional observation deck made of wood. The long curved area stretches along the entire glade. Swings, hammocks, kiosks and café are underneath it and cozy benches are on top.

A large stage for lectures, concerts and other events is also located here. As is the boat rental station.

Sports zone

chernogolovka icon 06

There is no shortage of sports activities in the park: there are sports grounds, skate parks, tennis courts, fitness equipment, workout and rollerskating areas, running paths, zones for basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and much more.

Children’s playgrounds

chernogolovka icon 07

There are three children zones: a rope park, a play zone by the lecture hall and a playground.

The playground is divided into four parts: for toddlers, for kids aged 4-6, 7-10 and for adults. Zones for kids take into account the needs of children at each age. The adult zone has benches and a parking area for strollers and scooters.

Water recreation area

chernogolovka icon 08

On the other side of the lake is a beach and a nice wooden embankment with an amphitheater and a floating stage.

This area has everything for comfortable rest: sun loungers, open-air showers and changing rooms. There is also a tower with three platforms of different height that can be used both as an observation deck and for diving.

Enlightenment and recreation area

chernogolovka icon 09

The enlightenment and recreation area contains a multifunctional facility with a summer café, a lecture hall, an amphitheater and a space for street photo exhibitions. It is used for workshops, movie screenings, lectures and performances.

Quiet rest areas

chernogolovka icon 10

In the forest, by the lake and by the river are quiet areas for recreation. There are bridges and low piers by the water while in the forest there are gazebos for board games, benches and sun loungers.

All elements are made of wood and combine well with nature.

Service zones

chernogolovka icon 11

The functioning of the park is ensured by four service zones with technical facilities: a guardhouse, waste collection areas, warehouses, locker rooms, utility rooms and public washrooms.

All of the zones have enough space to be accessible by service equipment.


chernogolovka icon 13

Navigating the park is made easy by the convenient wayfinding system. Wooden signs provide useful information to visitors and fit well into the atmosphere of the park.

Information stands near the eco-trail give more details about the plants.

Winter appearance

chernogolovka icon 14

The park completely transforms in the winter: a Christmas tree is put up and a large wooden slide, new art objects and an ice fortress appear. Kiosks and pavilions host fairs where gifts and streetfood are sold. A cross-country skiing track is made in the forest.

Additional lighting made of lamps and string lights adds to the magic.

  • The project was approved by the expert council of the Moscow Region. The studio wishes to thank Oleg Egorov and Elena Morozova for their help with the project
Made in 143 days
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