Shkolny Boulevard renovation in Chernogolovka

Task: to create a modern and comfortable space.

Shkolny Boulevard is the main walking street in Chernogolovka. Citizens use it to get to other favorite places, such as Zolotogo Boulevard and the Yuzhnoye Ozero recreation area. That’s why Shkolny Boulevard is a real pedestrian artery important to the entire city.

shkolny plan


The improvement project preserves the best of what the boulevard had to offer, while emphasizing the main features of Chernogolovka: achievements in science and education (related to the name of the boulevard which is located between two schools) and numerous green areas.

shkolny pre 01
shkolny pre 02

To organize the main pedestrian route of the city in the best way possible, we analyze connections of the boulevard with the street network, pedestrian and vehicle travel paths and take into account the location of nearby buildings and green spaces.

The planning structure of the city has remained intact since the Soviet times. It is characterized by the low density of buildings, wide streets and large green spaces.

Project solution

The concept is based on the idea of a gradual progression from strict and ceremonial geometry near Institutsky Avenue to smoother and more natural lines by the entrance to the Yuzhnoye Ozero recreation area.

The landscaping introduces new activities to the boulevard that will be enjoyed by different groups of visitors in different seasons and times of day.

shkolny concept

The zoning of the boulevard is based on a multitude of user scenarios and divides it into the square by the city hall building, the recreation area, the space in front of Dom Byta, the clearing by the hotel and the surroundings of School No. 82.

Each zone retains a distinctive visual permeability that makes the boulevard look larger and safer.


The overall design of the boulevard is rooted in interest in science and closeness to nature.

We use wood as the main finishing material, same as for the neighboring public spaces. The unity of the boulevard’s image is achieved with the help of a pattern used on small architectural forms. The pattern resembles both intertwining tree branches and chemical compounds at the same time.

shkolny identity

The square by the city hall building

At the intersection of Shkolny Boulevard with Institutsky Avenue we create a square with pedestrian priority. This removes a barrier in the way of visitors and makes the space safer. The square is also great for various city events, concerts and fairs.

The boulevard’s intersection with the avenue has already become a popular meeting place. That’s why a light, picturesque pergola with unusual round seating and an exposition space will come in especially handy here.

The space by Dom Byta

At this point, Shkolny Boulevard connects with Zolotogo Boulevard. The adjacent boulevard begins at the local library in Dom Byta. Here, we place laconic gazebos with street libraries inside, as well as long benches, which make the beautiful rise of elevation near the building walls more visible.

Slightly further down Zolotogo Boulevard is a modern exhibition space.

shkolny alley

Solar system

Art objects on the main boulevard of the science city are also about science. There are models of the Sun and the planets of the Earth group: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Distances between the celestial bodies have correct proportions.

shkolny system

The hotel area

The large open space by the hotel is complemented by artistic lighting and portable sun loungers. Steps of the stairs have seats that can be used to relax after a walk or watch small performances in the area opposite the entrance. Green lawns in front of the hotel are great for summer events and celebrations.

The school zone

School No. 82 is surrounded by elevated flowerbeds with benches and neat green fences made of low shrubs.

The design of the entrance to Impuls Further Education Center and the inner courtyard is based on the drawings created by schoolchildren. In the corner of the southern courtyard of the school is a botanical corner where children can learn to take proper care of plants. A variety of shapes and markings was added to the paving in front of the main entrance to help children come up with different play activities.

The school fence is combined with convenient bicycle parking and seating areas.

Winter use concept

The landscaping of the boulevard is chosen so that the plants add more color to the cityscape during the monochromatic winter months. Some of the structures are mobile, they can be easily removed from the boulevard until the warmer season for better preservation. Spectacular canopies, lots of trees and spacious lawns provide great opportunities for placing New Year decorations, holding fairs and setting up photo areas with fabulous winter views.

shkolny final
  • The project was approved by the Expert Council of the Moscow Region. The studio wishes to thank Elena Morozova for help help with the project
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