Zolotogo Boulevard renovation in Chernogolovka

Task: to create a modern public space.

In the center of Chernogolovka there is a boulevard where nothing happens. People rarely walk there and you can never see anyone resting on a bench or playing with children.

But all that will change soon. After renovation, the boulevard will become a moder public space where people would want to spend their free time.

Pre-project study

Together with the city administration, architects of Art. Lebedev Studio conducted a survey in social networks and held a pre-project seminar with local residents. They revealed problems of the boulevard and expectations for its improvement.

chernogolovka zolotogo map

We then analyzed the current condition of the area in terms of urban planning and visual perception of public spaces.

Next we assessed the transport infrastructure and pedestrian networks in the city and developed a planning solution.

The result is an incredibly elaborate master plan of the boulevard.

chernogolovka zolotogo genplan

The concept

Chernogolovka is a science town. Every fourth resident works in the Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The locals are proud of the city’s status and its picturesque landscapes, which is why the concept of the boulevard revolves around the connection between science and nature.

The natural beauty is complemented by natural materials. Pavilions and benches are made of wood and many plants can be seen throughout the park. Striking art objects are dedicated to science.

The main principle of urban improvement is to ensure the end result is convenient and comfortable for residents of all ages. That is why the park has a children’s trail, a café and rest areas for adults as well as a memorial area with a monument to Soviet soldiers.

chernogolovka zolotogo elements

Pedestrian square by the Consumer Services Center

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The area in front of the main façade of the Consumer Services Center provides ample space which can be used in various ways, for example to create a pedestrian zone with street food kiosks.

A small amphitheater with seats is located around the Atom art object. Different plants add to the feeling of comfort.

Shkolny Boulevard entrance

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A central pedestrian axis goes from the Shkolny Boulevard to the Consumer Services Center. The walkways are paved with tiles and stones and are surrounded by pleasant vegetation.

Entrance from the Consumer Services Center parking lot

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This side of the boulevard is adjacent to a road. To increase safety, the road was narrowed down to a single lane and the pedestrian crossing was raised above ground.


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For those looking for a quick snack, there are pavilions and kiosks offering takeaway food. Their canopies and patios make them incredibly beautiful.

The area where the pavilions will be located is currently occupied by trees. And it will remain that way: the trees will be preserved and will become part of the landscape.

Active zone

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The active zone has a large canopied swing and a pedestrian fountain. The water shoots right out of the ground making it wonderful to run through in hot weather. All of this is next to a very beautiful alley with trees.

Very close nearby is the children’s trail with a variety of interactive objects dedicated to science.

It’s a great place to run, jump, play and do other important things children do.

Alley of Victory

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Planted in this area are apple trees that symbolize the victory of peace over war. When they blossom in May, the alley becomes absolutely marvelous.

Paving leads to the monument to Soviet soldiers. Ground illumination turns on at night.

Memorial zone

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The symbol of the boulevard is the monument to Soviet soldiers that is located there. At night, landscape lighting surrounding the monument turns on.

During public events, a small collapsible stage with chairs can be set up in the square.

chernogolovka zolotogo final

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  • The project has been approved by the expert council of the Moscow Region
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