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Khibiny sign

Task: to beautifully mark a mountain range.

Khibiny is a mountain range located beyond the Arctic Circle, at the foot of which the city of Kirovsk is located. People come here to go skiing, mountain climbing and to simply enjoy the mountains. A sign that doesn’t disappear in the snow and always shows tourists that they’re on the right way was created in the studio.

khibiny sign 01

Each letter is cut from a solid sheet of metal. The excess pieces are bent back and add visual thickness and grandeur to the otherwise lightweight sign.

khibiny sign

The volume is further emphasized by shifting the elements relative to each other: this allows the simple forms to come together to form an interesting spatial composition that looks striking from all angles.

khibiny sign 02
khibiny sign 03

In the winter the snow cover reaches half a meter, so the sign is installed on high platforms. The bright red letters stand out against the cold colors of the polar nature and attract attention from a great distance. In addition, red is often found in the ornaments of the northerners. The external illumination makes the object noticeable in the dark.

khibiny sign 04

The sign is placed in a way that makes it convenient to take photographs with it against the background of Kirovsk and the surrounding landscape. The pictures don’t have to be captioned: all the necessary information is already in the frame.

khibiny sign 05
Made in 65 days
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