Website of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation


The Ministry of Energy is responsible for all sectors of Russia’s energy industry: electrical, oil extraction, oil refining, gas, coal, petrochemical, shale, and peat industries, as well as pipelines, renewable energy sources and deposits.

We have created a presentable website for the Ministry of Energy that showcases all aspects of its work and engages visitors from the very first page.


The main page contains announcements of events, industry news, live broadcasts and photo reports. Users immediately see that the work of the Ministry never stops for a moment.


A section with visualized indicators provides statistical data on mineral extraction and allows for comparisons between different periods.


Anyone can submit an online appeal to the Ministry, describing a question or a problem. The simple, understandable and minimalist style of the form indicates that there is readiness to listen on the other side.

Simple and clear icons are appropriate both on the website and in business correspondence.


The section about employees is designed so that readers do not get the impression that mysterious forces are responsible for energy: each large and beautiful photograph is complemented by a brief biography and a list of responsibilities.

The restrained, open and user-friendly website of the Ministry of Energy gives everyone the opportunity to quickly get reliable information about the energy sector in Russia and to report if and where improvements are needed.

  • The studio wishes to thank the teams of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Russian Energy Agency for their help with the project
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