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Task: to create a convenient app to make it easier to navigate the world of sports.
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The process of consuming information has changed: to avoid getting lost in the whirlwind of various news, the information needs to instantly invoke an interest. Together with editorial staff of Sport 24, Art. Lebedev Studio has developed an unusual format of content presentation that is very fast, dynamic and helps discover news in a single tap.

Information is presented as stories. There is nothing extraneous, only simple feed settings, a clear menu, cool navigation and exciting content.


At first launch, the app gets acquainted with the user by finding out his or her interests that are then used to created themed news feeds. The reader has the ability to change their initial preferences in app settings.

Simple navigation

The unusual navigation is a cool feature of the application. A short navigation chain helps reach the most interesting content in an instant.

As soon as a new event happens that matches the reader’s preferences, a new topic is created by the editorial office and added to the navigation menu.

Exciting feed

Diverse cards form a fascinating feed, and each type of content has its own design.

sport24 app feed cards

Game cards contain all information about the event. If the game is live, the covers “come to life” as well.

Articles are accompanied by background photos while tags in the form of icons help quickly capture the essence of the message.

Each news piece is decorated by the cover with an image of the sport or the event.

Covers from the website were reframed and reassembled to fit organically into the application and ensure they look great on mobile device screens.

Statistics cards show who is currently in their best shape.

Previews playing a looped fragment appear before the user opens a video.

Text broadcasts provide timely updates in one place.

Animated icons were created for special situations.

Sharing emotions

Reaction emoji help express emotions. You can instantly see what others think as well.

The new application makes sports even more exciting!

Made in 34 days
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