Sport 24 website

Task: to design a website for fans.
assembled and populated by the client

Sport 24 website allows visitors to learn the latest sports news, read analytics and interviews with athletes and coaches and watch live broadcasts.

Different content formats create an engaging reading experience. From the time they first see the main page, visitors are immersed in a stream of updates. The Top section provides an overview of the most important news of the day.

Timeline contains exciting game moments.

And the digits are impossible to miss!

The main topics of the day are divided by sports and are displayed with the help of emoji and stickers. Just looking at the header makes it obvious that the new identity of the Russian Premier League was universally liked and that Spartak has won.

Another round of a tournament took place, the placement of teams and scorers has changed, and there you have it: new items on the timeline appear from cards automatically. Visitors got the latest updates and the editorial staff has more time to write original materials.

Beautiful covers were created for each sport.

The real MVP is in the comments


Comments are hidden on the sidebar that can be pulled out at any moment.

Every article has a large photo cover that takes up the entire first screen. This is both beautiful and functional: articles are displayed one after another in a seamless feed and the cover helps see when a new piece begins.

The company plans to show lots of statistics on the website. It has several visual formats.


The website grows quickly: just over the past year the audience has grown four times, thanks in part to the new design.

Now fans who want to read the latest news, share their opinions or just chat with like-minded people have a convenient and modern website they can visit. Hooray!

Made in 200 days
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