Athlete rating on Sport 24 website

Task: to design a rating page for a sports publication.
assembled and populated by the client

To be the first is the main goal of any athlete. It is prestigious to win world awards and to be featured in various ratings and top lists.

In 2019, the Sport 24 website presented its rating of athletes from Russia. Instead of emotions and personal preferences, the rating is based on impartial figures: the number of mentions in the media, subscribers in social networks and the amount of earnings.

Success indicators are color-coded as each of them has a special meaning. Blending into a juicy gradient, they color the coveted gold in the signature colors of the website, fresh, young and cheerful.

The combination of gradient rings forms a visual metaphor for the entire rating.

sport24 top50 rings 01
sport24 top50 rings 02

Clean layout allows to quickly see who has more subscribers, money and mentions in the media.

The spectacular digits were created specially for the rating (except for the two and the four which were borrowed from the Sport 24 logo). Sports are illustrated with cute icons.

Pages tell how athletes spent the year, list their successes and failures and their plans for the future.

Those looking for more information can follow links to the most interesting articles and materials.

A special test came out two weeks before the rating was launched. People took it to see how well they know sports and shared their results on social networks helping grow interest in the rating.

sport24 top50 facts 01

sport24 top50 facts 02

Test results are fun to share on social networks.

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