ABS Electro website

Task: to show the scale and extent of work of a group of companies by giving them a common style.
assembled and populated by the client

ABS Electro develops, produces, supplies and services electrical equipment for energy and manufacturing industries. The group of companies includes research centers with decades of history while their clients are the largest enterprises from all over Russia.

The website conveys the scale of work of ABS Electro.

Companies in the ABS Electro group produce many types of equipment. A special graphic language helps easily navigate the product range.

Geometric forms of bright colors are used to represent different types of equipment. They combine perfectly with the minimalism of the devices and set the right accents.

The wavy animate patterns show different types of energy.

The combination of shapes and patterns creates unique images on the website’s pages.

It’s usually hard to tell what a particular company does just by looking at its name. The design helps bring some clarity.

It’s easy to navigate form the page of each company to the list of devices it manufactures, services it offers or industries that it serves.

The Our Solutions section has a very easy to use navigator. We found a way to systemize devices, projects and services created over 55 years!

Made in 72 days
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