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Sakhatelecom office interiors


Rostelecom is growing and expanding, opening more and more branches across the country. For the Yakutsk office of the company, we designed the interiors of customer interaction and back office areas which bring joy to employees and visitors every day.

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In order to create a comfortable and bright space, we decided to abandon solid partitions and decorative boxes in favor of an expansive open space. The white color and light shades of gray in the finish visually expand the space even further and set a business mood.

Customer interaction areas are distinguished by low walls trimmed with fabric of purple color, one of Rostelecom’s corporate colors.

Variety is added by geometric graphics on the walls and a rhythmic arrangement of sound panels under the ceiling that help mute the sound of conversations and noise of keyboards.

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Large plants add life to the cold interior and in combination with wooden furniture create a friendly atmosphere.

Management offices with soundproof glass walls stand out with their beautiful wooden floors which are a pleasure to walk on.

Corporate yellow color used as an accent and wood in the caféteria whet the appetite and help take the mind off work tasks.

Common areas such as toilets, coatroom and waiting zone are simple and functional. Wooden elements provide an unobtrusive accent in combination with purple, white and gray and add to the coziness.

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Made in 108 days
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