Lavrus website for the Tretyakov Gallery

Task: to help a gallery launch a large-scale project.

Lavrus is a media project that the experts of the Tretyakov Gallery use to share their unique knowledge and experience with everyone.

The studio has developed a graphic language and prepared special publishing tools for the project. All the things that were created are successfully being used on the new website.

Lavrus’ main treasure are its education courses. All-encompassing and long-living, they attract attention of learners with their value.

While new courses are being prepared, the audience engaged by additional materials, longreads and videos. This makes the fire of audience’s interest burn even brighter.

The title of each material is made of two parts, a fact and an emotion. The fact conveys the essence while the emotion adds emphasis on the unique nature of information.

Covers of the materials are designed in a way that makes each one special and helps it stand out. This is achieved by the careful choice of illustrations, unconventional framing, smart typesetting and the addition of branded elements. The result is simply perfect!

All materials are automatically gathered into a continuous modular feed that is interesting for viewers to scroll and for editors to modify. If it is necessary to update the first screen or rearrange the elements, the desired layout can be chosen from a ready-made set.

The pages themselves are also modular. The editor assembles them by blocks and instantly sees the result. This system allows to do everything quickly, always getting a predictable result. All materials are published on time and no extra time is spent on training new team members. Awesome!

This is just the beginning.

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Made in 142 days
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