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Zoya museum brand strategy and identity

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The Zoya museum complex contains a unique collection of artifacts related to the life of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. Almost all of them are presented in the permanent exhibition of the renovated museum in the village of Petrishchevo, Moscow Oblast.

The modern building and the park area surrounded by old huts become center of attraction and development of the region.

Task: to organize a museum space for different events.

Brand strategy

The ideal public space is multifunctional and goes beyond the definition of a historical museum.

In view of this, we developed a new positioning and a system of effective communication for the museum complex.

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Its main goal is to educate people using the modern formats of interacting with the audience.

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In the new concept the Zoya museum combines the functions of a sociocultural institute and a research center.

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One of the directions of transformation is the “She and the World” program dedicated to outstanding women.

zoya bs she world

The program offers a new reading of history and a view of modernity through illuminating important milestones in women’s lives.

zoya bs women


At the core of the identity is the idea of unification and confrontation which allows to make free and universal interpretations of various activities of the museum.

zoya identity logo

The display typeface of the logo combines elements of modern trends with the aesthetics of the Russian avant-garde.

zoya identity type

The diagonal line easily brands different media, reinforcing the effect of duality in the logo.

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The identity allows a story to be told in a serious voice or in a more light and festive way.

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The main stylistic element of the logo is also used in wayfinding.

zoya identity interior

The slanted line denoting the letter и can be transformed into a variety of images and objects, creating new readings of the logo.

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