Korolev city administration website

assembled and populated by the client

Korolev is a science city, the space capital of Russia located twenty-three kilometers from the center of Moscow. The city is home to over a thousand scientific and manufacturing companies, a programming school, a house of young engineers, a center for children’s creativity and many other educational institutions. A third of the city’s territory is covered by forest and park areas, meaning it has everything people might want. Korolev administration needs a functional and easy-to-use resource to communicate information about the development of the city, its news and landmarks, as well as to establish communication with citizens and entrepreneurs. For this purpose, a convenient website was created in the studio.

First we talked to local residents and found out what functions they usually use and what new features they would like to see.

Essential information on the main page

The navigation menu contains the most visited sections. On the main page there are previews that take visitors to the most important blocks.

Relevant design with respect for tradition

For the graphic language, we took inspiration from the city’s coat of arms. Stylized for the website, the image complies with all heraldic norms and legislative acts, but becomes fresher and looks great on dynamic web pages.

City full of life


The most interesting events are gathered on a single page. The events can be filtered by theme and sorted by date. To make sure you don’t lose the one you liked, you can save it to the calendar.

korolev 3 upd 2

Take a walk in Korolev!

To increase the tourist appeal of the city, an interactive map was created. Interesting places are explored in detail, and there are routes for themed walks.

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Important news

A user friendly news section with filtering by topic and date helps people find out information about all the important changes and announcements.

Attention to documents

The administration publishes many different documents. To make them easier to find, their cards were made more visible. The design hints at the contents and allows to read the beginning of the document.

Diving into history

A colorful longread tells the rich history of Korolev.

Key stages

The story begins with the relocation of the Petrograd Armory in 1918 and ends with the city obtaining the status of a science city in 2001.

korolev 16
korolev star
korolev stars

A separate section is dedicated to the great residents of Korolev: astronauts, test pilots and scientists.

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korolev rocket

The story then moves on to modern events and landmarks, since today Korolev is a bustling city, enjoyed by both tourists and locals.

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