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Moscow Metro geographic map

To celebrate the opening of the Big Circle Line, a geographically referenced promo map of the Moscow Metro was created in the studio. Looking at it, one can immediately see the tremendous scale of Moscow’s transport infrastructure that has united the city and Moscow Oblast.

metro promo

For better readability we enlarged the center of the map using a special effect.

metro promo lines
metro promo photo 01
metro promo photo 02
metro promo photo 04

artistic director

art director


technical designer

  • The studio wishes to thank Roman Latypov, Zhanna Ermolina, Maria Kuzmina, Sergei Litvinovich and Ekaterina Evtushenko for their help with the project

  • The Moscow Metro promo map cannot be saved in memory of computers or other devices, posted on websites, on clothing, used in promotional information products or used in any other ways
Made in 136 days
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