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Resource Center for the Disabled

Task: to improve the interior of the Resource Center for the Disabled.

The Resource Center for the Disabled is a multifunctional center where people with disabilities can receive equipment to make their life easier. The center issues, repairs and replaces rehabilitation equipment while also teaching people how to use it and offering test drives.

Visitors to the center are welcomed by a bright green reception area decorated with the signature pattern.

resource center hall v2_

The interior space is airy and cozy with bright accents in the design and wayfinding signage.

The rest zone is filled with cheerful yellow.

resource center yellow v2

A bright and comfortable waiting area is provided for visitors with children.

resource center 360 v2

The space is simply brimmed with coziness.

resource center kids 01 v2
resource center kids 02 v2
resource center kids 03 v2_

Modular furniture allows to modify space, almost like in the Dr. Strange movie, helping participants of small meetings and crowded events feel equally comfortable. There is always room for everyone!

The wayfinding system is as simple as it can be. To remove any confusion, room numbers are shown on signs.

resource center navigation v2 resource center navi v2

The system uses the icons that were previously created for the My Career centers plus some new ones that were drawn specially for the Resource Center.

resource center icons v2
resource center final v2
Made in 45 days
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