Kirovsk tourist wayfinding

Kirovsk is a city beyond the Arctic Circle, located on the picturesque shores of Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr. Skiers come here to visit one of the country's oldest resorts, filmmakers shoot outstanding movies and sightseers flock to the northernmost botanical garden in Russia. In the studio, a vibrant wayfinding system has been created, reflecting the local spirit and introducing tourists to the city.


Apatite-nepheline ore is extracted in Kirovsk. The hexagonal shape of the main information carriers is inspired by the symmetry of the minerals.

kirovsk navigation pre 01

Winter sports

Images associated with downhill skiing have become a common motif in the wayfinding system and are reflected in the graphics.

kirovsk navigation pre 02

Brutal northern style

The signs are clear and practical in appearance. Simple and technological materials are used in their creation, including metal, acrylic glass and stone.

kirovsk navigation stand

The signage is clearly visible during the polar night and polar day.

kirovsk navigation day night

The graphic design of the media is based on natural motifs. The greenery at the bottom of the layouts suggests that the city has something to offer guests not only in winter.

kirovsk navigation city

The ice-shaped and colored pictograms further emphasize the local color.

Both the city itself and its map are surrounded by picturesque Khibiny mountains.

kirovsk navigation map

City quest

Wayfinding signs near the most interesting places tell fascinating stories and explain why you should definitely pay a visit. Exploring the city turns into a game.

kirovsk navigation sign

When you visit a landmark, you get a sparkling crystal for your personal collection of memories.

kirovsk navigation badges

Kirovsk has many observation platforms offering stunning views of the city. And there are also points from which the northern lights are best observed, each specially marked. Famous movie filming locations are not forgotten either.

kirovsk navigation points


The city has a developed public transport system, allowing you to reach any district of Kirovsk and neighboring major towns. Signs with the transport map are installed at bus stops.

kirovsk navigation transport 01

Billboards help motorists orient themselves and quickly understand the road infrastructure.

kirovsk navigation transport 02

kirovsk navigation transport 03
In the city
Near service facilities
Before exit to an important landmark

The height of the car signs, like of all other urban signage, is increased. This way, they will never be covered in snow.

kirovsk navigation final
Made in 318 days
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