December 29
Katalogus 2017 published

December 28
New Magazinus at VDNH opened

December 26
Traditional December Art. Lebedev Studio employees group photo published

December 22
Demilie website designed

December 21
Stoloto New Year game created

December 19
Dragtimes broadcast graphics 2.0 designed

December 16
New Year poster (2017) created

December 15
Only website 4.0 designed

December 14
Finme logo created

December 13
Mir payment system website designed

December 12
FC Krasnodar stadium match and season tickets designed

December 9
Semya supermarket chain corporate identity designed

December 8 bookmaker logo and corporate identity created

December 7
Demilie creamed honey packaging created

December 6
Coffee blend #345 as well as four new single-origin coffees—Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya and Java—are now available in studio stores

December 5
Alfa Mobile iPhone app designed

December 2
Eloplay website mock-ups designed

December 1
The Sign Everyone Takes Pictures With installed in Bor

November 30
Chashkus cups created

November 29
Skameikus-8 bench created

November 28
TPS Real Estate shopping center storefront installations designed

November 25
New design for Russian licence plates created

November 24
Nero Electronics corporate identity designed

November 23
Citymobil mobile app mock-ups created

November 22
Demilie honey logo created

November 21
Fabrikant group website designed

November 18
Land surface poster created

November 17
Eldorado price tag templates created

November 16
2017 calendar is now available in studio stores

November 15
Final Price logo designed

November 14
Cover for Reality in Advertising by Rosser Reeves designed

November 11
FC Krasnodar stadium navigation created

November 10
TPS Real Estate shopping center storefronts designed

November 9
Madrobots office interior designed

November 8
Moscow parking lot design created

November 7
Fabrikant group logo designed

November 3
Planeta Kino website 2.0 designed

November 2
Cover design for Talkability: Discover the Secrets of Effective Conversation by James Borg created

November 1
People’s Unity Day poster (2016) designed

October 28
Posuda Tsentr online store templates designed

October 24
Ukrposhta photography allowed sticker designed

October 18
Stoloto mobile website templates created

October 17
Luzhniki Stadium façade design created

October 14
Odessa monument guide line designed

October 12
Burnt Letters pattern created

October 10
Moscow construction site appearance concept 2.0 created

October 7
Serovin and Korov magazinus opened

October 3
Studio’s 21st anniversary poster published

SBS Megamall art object created

September 30
Incidental Architect. The 5% Ready Book by Maxim Degtyarev published

September 28
Lastikarandash pencil concept created

September 27
State Lottery Outcome Betting project logo designed

September 22
Beeline Big Data School promo website designed

September 21
Numizmatus money box created

September 19
Odessa city object signs created

Cover for Confessions of the Pricing Man: How Price Affects Everything by Hermann Simon designed

September 16
Line maps for Moscow Metro cars 2.0 created

September 15
Moscow Metro map 3.0 created

September 14
Moscow Central Circle symbol created

September 13
Duel lottery interface designed

September 12
Subconscious pattern is now available in studio's stores

September 9
National University of Science and Technology MISiS website created

September 8
Mito charging station designed

Mito charging station logo created

September 7
Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theater website designed

September 6
Moscow Central Circle art object created

September 5
Odessa public transport map created

September 2
Stone Edge Capital logo designed

August 31
The Sign Everyone Takes Pictures With installed in Vesna! shopping center

August 30
Alpinola lozenges packaging created

August 25
Agrotek product packaging designed

August 24
Urban Entropy pattern is now available in studio stores

August 23
Duel lottery logo designed

August 22
Sima-Land website templates created

August 19
CSKA ice hockey club logo and corporate identity created

August 11
TPS Real Estate shopping center websites designed

August 8
Pelmennaya logo and sign created

August 5
The New Typography. A Handbook for Modern Designers by Jan Tschichold, third edition published

August 3
Prikup lottery interface designed

August 2
Khibiny tourist area logo created

July 29
Khatanga Seaport website designed

July 28
Delcredere booklet designed

July 27
SBS shopping and entertainment center navigation created

July 26
Brazil and Ethiopia single-origin coffees are now available in studio stores

July 20
The Sign in Kuznetsk installed

July 18
Prikup lottery logo created

July 15
Taras Shevchenko park logo created

July 14
Khatanga Seaport corporate identity designed

July 13
SBS shopping and entertainment center logo designed

July 12
Delcredere website designed

July 11
Bloom pattern created

July 8
Beeline company website designed

July 7
Agrotek logo created

July 6
Graphic Style: From Victorian to Post-Modern by Steven Heller and Seymour Chwast published

July 5
Bank Saint Petersburg social media accounts designed

July 4
Not {} Just Shit! stickers 2.0 created

July 1
Graphics for SUEK annual report created

June 30
Autonomous Cars road sign created

June 28
Retail Solutions website designed

June 27
Typography for the Russian pavilion in Venice designed

June 24
School design guide published

June 23
Flussonic website layouts created

June 22
Umney logo and corporate identity designed

June 20
Art. Lebedev Studio website 4.0 created

June 6
Russia Day poster designed

June 3
Za Rulem magazine website created

June 2
White and Fluffy pattern created

June 1
Navigation for Blokhin Cancer Research Center children’s wing created

May 27
Tyazhmash 75th anniversary page designed

May 25
Abinsk Electric Steel Works website created

May 24
Shakespearean Passions Metro train designed

May 17
RBC Foreign Currency Market website layouts designed

May 16
VDNH Android app created

May 11
Third edition of Calligraphy for Everyone by Leonid Pronenko is now available for preorder

May 10
SpetsKabel corporate identity and catalog templates designed

April 29
Russia tourist logo created

April 27
Victory Day poster created

April 26
International Catalogus—2016 created

April 25
Work and Travel USA promo website templates created

April 22
Fairy Tales and Legends pattern designed

April 21
Flugerus weather vane created

April 20
TPS Real Estate website designed

April 19
Cover for The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins designed

April 18
Mili website layouts created

April 15
Spring and Labor Day poster designed

April 8
Katafotus reflective badges created

April 7
Finam gift certificate designed

April 5
Castorama HR portal layouts designed

April 4
Saint Petersburg advertising in Russian cities created

April 1
Pektus bathroom scale created

March 31
Solnechny corporate identity designed

March 30
Dragtimes broadcast graphics created

March 22
Bakinski corporate identity created

Imprimatur CMS website launched

March 21
Hyundai corporate typeface designed

March 18
Saint Petersburg tourist information center appearance created

March 14
Alumna typeface created

March 11
Dairy Culture stickers designed

March 10
Ministry of Culture of Moscow Oblast logo and corporate identity created

March 4
Dragtimes logo and corporate identity created

Dragtimes website designed

March 3
Den’s Hot Dogs exhibition stand created

Mirta pattern designed

March 2
Beeline single web environment created

March 1
International Women’s Day poster created

February 26
Mir card promo website designed

February 19
Air Crosswalk at VDNKh created

February 18
Stoloto online lottery mall 2.5 created

February 17
Templates for the Electronic Atlas of Moscow designed

February 16
Defender of the Motherland Day poster created

February 15
Alphabbet for Baby Club designed

Type design for Salaryevo Moscow Metro station created

February 8
Stickers for +1 in Cubes chocolate for children created

Castorama website layouts created

February 2
Pass Left sign designed

February 1
Valentine’s Day poster created

January 28
Paper Butterflies pattern created

January 26
Innova illustrated isometric office plan created

January 25
Poltava logo designed

January 22
OSK website designed

January 19
Type design for Rumyantsevo Moscow Metro station created

January 18
Coffee blend #342 created

January 15
Delcredere logo and corporate identity created

January 14
Flai typeface designed

January 12
Citymobil advertising campaign created

January 11
Chainikus-2 kettle designed

January 1
Photo of the day section of the studio's website closed. Goodbye, and thanks for five years of photographs!

In 2016 Art. Lebedev Studio will announce its new design philosophy.


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