December 30
New Year poster designed

December 29
Stepan Razin Street in Kaluga renovated

December 28
Russian Honey website created

December 27
Sharfus 2.0 is now available in studio's stores

December 26
University of Tyumen logo designed

December 25
Nero SM101 electric meter designed

December 22
Leroy Merlin Kaliningrad stores interior design created

December 21
Ak Bars bank advertising campaign created

December 20
Sector typeface is now available in studio's stores

December 19
Traditional December Art. Lebedev Studio employee group photo published

Bank of Russia website 3.5 designed

December 18
Silver housing development façade patterns created

December 15
Central Park shopping center logo and corporate identity created

December 14
Credit Bank of Moscow website templates created

December 13
Art. Lebedev Studio New Year greetings recorded

December 12
Constitution Day poster created

December 11
Fifth edition of The Form of the Book by Jan Tschichold published

December 8
Future Science Metro train designed

December 7
Fifth edition of The Publisher’s and Author’s Handbook by Arkady Milchin and Lyudmila Cheltsova published

December 6
Moscow Metro passageway navigation created

December 5
Newmark logo designed

December 4
Sokolsky DOK logo created

December 1
Bitcoin Suisse AG logo and corporate identity created

2018 calendar is now available in studio stores

November 30
Furshtatskaya Street Maternity Home website designed

November 29
The Language of Composition by Yuri Gordon published

November 28
Gazprom Neft Corporate University website mock-ups created

November 27
Geese and Dragonflies pattern is now available in studio stores

November 23
Dokpak store logo designed

November 22
Petrovka XX name and logo created

November 21
Rumetr real estate database created

November 20
Iskra Park latticework created

November 17
Ya Est! charitable foundation website mock-ups created

November 16
Monitorcen logo designed

November 15
Cover for The Best Team Wins by Adam Robinson designed

November 14
Tambov National Guard emblem created

November 13
Prague gallery logo designed

November 10
Luzhniki Olympic Complex navigation created

Luzhniki Stadium navigation created

November 9
Helicopter Technologies logo designed

November 8
Robomuzokod logo designed

November 7 website logo created

November 3
RN Bank mobile app concept and mock-ups created

November 2
Shadows pattern is now available in studio stores

November 1
People’s Unity Day poster designed

October 31
JohnFedor burger shop logo created

October 30
Third edition of On Children’s Drawings by Marina Ozerova published

October 27
Heart of Russia London Underground train design created

October 26
Halloween poster (2017) created

October 25
Range of architectural forms for Prague created

October 23
Bitgram logo created

October 20
Restoraids website logo created

October 19
Ad hoc logo designed

October 18
BFB logo designed

October 17
Vzaimno name and logo created

October 16
Freedom Finance iPhone and Android app mock-ups designed

October 12
La Même clothing logo designed

October 11
Nespresso coffee capsules are now available in studio stores

October 10
Tuva mineral water logo created

October 9
Burger Kit logo designed

October 6
Design, Form, and Chaos by Paul Rand, second edition published

October 4
Lighthouse app logo created

October 3
First Bank Alliance logo designed

October 2
Bimcadeng logo created

September 29
System Integration and Power Engineering logo designed

September 28
Vasha Buhglateriya logo created

September 27
Cover for Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown designed

September 26
Wazzapps logo created

September 25
Studio’s 22nd anniversary poster designed

September 22
Balaklava Bay infrastructure development concept created

September 21
Babymafia logo designed

September 20
Bank Saint Petersburg illustrations created

September 19
Willow Thickets pattern is now available in studio stores

September 18
Demilie creamed honey gift box created

September 15
A Designer’s Art by Paul Rand published

September 14
Picls photo agency logo designed

September 13
Mass Agency logo created

September 12 online pharmacy logo designed

September 11
Corporate identity, typeface and navigation for Zaryadye park created

September 8
InveStore logo created

September 7
Ergotronica logo designed

September 6
Soundchain logo designed

September 5
Bazar Dobra children’s fair logo created

September 4
Nero Octopus designed

September 1
Pavel Ryabinin logo created

August 31
Dental Center clinic logo designed

August 30
Aquabeat store logo designed

August 29
Urnus-14 trash can created

August 28
Idealista community logo designed

August 25
Brusnika information materials design guide created

August 24
Brighton Business IT logo designed

August 23
Russian Customs Agency logo created

Production Systems logo designed

August 21
Lastick logo created

Robocoding school logo designed

August 18
Frigate Ecojet aircraft livery design created

August 17
Altair VR planetarium logo created

Level One educational project logo designed

August 16
Multry legal system logo created

Delta logo designed

August 15
Oxysulphan Blue Sodium Salt logo created

NFL Store logo designed

August 14
Yuri Korzhenevsky Research and Development Center logo created

Baranchikov law firm logo designed

August 11
Strela range of small architectural forms created

August 10
Magic Relay for Nero Electronics designed

August 8
Sun and Moon pattern is now available in studio stores

August 7
Kitfort meat grinder appearance created

August 4
Ticker Invest website created

August 3
FC Krasnodar 2017–2018 match and season tickets designed

August 2
Monokanal logo created

Russian Blogger Research Agency logo designed

August 1
Mettle logo created

Vash Partner logo designed

July 31
Disinfection Department logo created

Neuroparking project logo designed

July 28
Nabornaya Masterskaya content studio logo created

Woodled logo designed

July 27 logo designed

July 26
Rolld logo created online store logo designed

July 24
Metalwork logo created

Zookesha store logo designed

July 21
Moscow ground transport seats pattern created

July 20
MindAqua logo created

Want service logo designed

July 19
Florus-3 flower pot designed

July 18
Stereoaddress promo website designed

Stereoaddress name and logo created

July 17
Docs in Box logo created

Jandi pet food logo designed

July 14
Unit House construction company logo designed

July 13
Expert legal center logo designed

Rif fish shop logo created

July 12
Menu of the Week culinary project logo designed

Russian Boxer logo created

July 11
Biologica Center for the Development of Science and Education logo designed

School 1794 logo designed

July 10
The Professional Barista’s Handbook. An Expert’s Guide to Preparing Espresso and Coffee by Scott Rao, second edition published

July 7
Volovik and Partners logo created

July 6
Telemed Help logo designed

July 5
Veloparkus-3 bicycle rack created

July 4
Razinkova greengrocery logo created

Expecto logo designed

July 3
Quiet Garden pattern produced

June 30
PosCredit system interface mock-ups created

June 29
To Café logo created

June 28
Flowers stamp series for Ukrposhta designed

June 27
Konditermag logo designed

June 26
Eski pattern created

June 23
CSKA’s One Thousand Victories and One Defeat in Soccer Programs two-volume book designed

June 22
Remote-it button for Nero Electronics designed

June 21
Besedkus-1 gazebo designed

June 20
I Love You, Rings logo created

June 19
Exoatlet exoskeleton designed

June 16
Lamon typeface created

June 15
2018 FIFA World Cup glass holders designed

June 14
Mesto courier delivery service logo designed

June 13
GITIS website auditions page designed

June 9
Galitskiy and Galitskiy winery logo created

June 8
Russia Day poster created

June 6
Stolitsa mail transportation service logo designed

June 2
Dessa Decor logo created

June 1
Color tool created

May 31
Takebus logo designed

May 30
Genotek website designed

May 29
Brain4Net interface mock-ups designed

May 26
Timestripe created

May 23
SMS Center website mock-ups created

May 22
Ethiopia-2 and Brazil-2 single-origin coffees are now available in studio stores

May 18
Navigation for Marina Tsvetaeva house museum created

Alfa Private website designed

May 17
Still Life Photography in Advertising. Lighting Setup. Special Effects by Ilya Plotnikov, Maxim Plotnikov and Alexandra Leroy published

May 16
Sotszhilproekt logo designed

May 12
Third edition of Book of Letters from Аа to Яя by Yuri Gordon published

May 11
Toyota sloganotype created

May 5
Victory Day poster created

May 3
Ukrposhta logo created

May 2
Odessa tram route map created

April 28
Moscow International Medical Cluster logo and corporate identity designed

The Total Package by Thomas Hine published

April 27
Genotek corporate identity elements designed

Genotek genetic test packaging created

April 26
Spring and Labor Day poster created

April 21
Arctic Circle arch designed

April 18
3D cadastral passport for BTI 24 central office designed

April 14
Kulonus-1 8-bit audio visualizer created

April 12
Cover for The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib designed

April 10
Bank Saint Petersburg mobile website mock-ups created

April 1
Trubochkus straw created

March 30
Escalator traffic light designed

March 28
Fourth edition of Russian Management Model by Aleksandr Prokhorov published

March 23
ISR Trans corporate identity 2.0 created

Spring pattern created

March 22
Cover for How to Make a Child Happy by Oleg Lenkov designed

March 21
Spetskabel website designed

March 20
International Day of Happiness poster designed

March 16
R-Bank logo, office interior, mobile application, promo website and card packaging created

March 13
Gazprom website 3.0 designed

March 10
Poligenko logo created

March 7
International Women’s Day poster designed

March 3
Demilie website 2.0 created

February 27
Nero Electronics smart home wall panels designed

February 22
Defender of the Motherland Day poster (2017) created

February 21
Kalugatransmash website designed

February 20
Russia — My History advertising campaign created

February 17
Fomin Botanical Garden logo designed

February 16
Estestvoznanie gentlemen’s clubs name and logo created

February 15
Gosloto 4 out of 20 lottery interface created

February 14
Valentine’s Day poster created

February 10
Facets pattern is now available in studio's stores

February 9
Katafotus reflective pins 2.0 created

February 8
Two new styles added to Syys Script typeface

February 7
The Sign installed in Tambov

Demilie exhibition stand designed

February 6
Fontanus-2 drinking fountain designed

January 27
Cover design for Monetizing Innovation by Madhavan Ramanujam and Georg Tacke created

January 26
Rzhevskaya Metro station design concept created

January 19
Fontanus-1 drinking fountain designed

January 18
Cover for Kys by Tatyana Tolstaya designed

January 17
Stoloto corporate identity element designed

January 16
NITA air traffic control consoles designed

January 11
Interrelation pattern is now available in studio's stores

January 1
In 2017 Art. Lebedev Studio will continue to change and have fun


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