December 29
Refinish Autolak spectrophotometer design created

December 28 bookmakers website designed

December 27
Nero modem for water meters designed

Polis 812 logo created

December 26
Viamin website created

December 25 logo designed

Cover for Brand Therapy by Brian Smith designed

December 24
Kuindzhi's Lessons website for the Tretyakov Gallery created

December 21
VDNH map, navigation system and information signs created

December 20
Websites for Gazprom affiliate companies 2.0 created

Sparkles, Sparks and Confetti pattern is now available in studio's stores

December 19
Stoloto 2019 New Year quest created

Russian Lotto promo page and New Year campaign created

December 18
New Year poster is now available in studio's stores

Art. Lebedev Studio New Year greetings recorded

December 17
Ostanovkus-4 designed

December 14
VkusVill logo designed

December 13
Fit Union logo created

December 12
Constitution Day poster created

Beeline Large Business website designed

December 11
Kitty Christmas Trees pattern is now available in studio's stores

December 10
Residence of Architects boulevard design concept created

December 7
Fonarius 3 street lamp designed

December 6
Contract typeface designed

ELT Technologies website created

ELT Technologies logo designed

December 5
Rostelecom icons created

December 4
Rot Front Garage logo created

December 3
Vzaimno Loan System website designed

November 30
A1QA identity created

November 29
Naley Vody logo designed

Dobrolov ad created

November 28
Website about working at Beeline designed

Vlas typeface created

November 27
Geekjob logo created

Caviar Shop logo designed

November 26
Iron Logic time clock terminal created

November 23
Larionov's Lessons website for the Tretyakov Gallery designed

November 22
Almond Consulting logo created

Twig Lollipops pattern is now available in studio's stores

November 21
Sozvezdie stationary radios designed

November 20
Picturer agency logo created

The Bathroom by Alexander Kira published

November 19
Sotbi presentation created

November 16
Utkonos logo and identity created

November 15 identity created

2019 calendar designed

November 14
Kyiv Opera identity created

November 13
Jellyfish Mushrooms pattern is now available in studio's stores

Setka logo created

November 12
Orient Finance Bank website designed

November 9
Quick Step store design created

November 8
Cover for The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man designed

Cedarplank logo designed

November 7
VkusVill store designed

November 6
Cover for Improvement and Renovation. Problems and Solutions designed

Webphone logo created

November 4
People's Unity Day poster created

November 2
Forward Leasing website designed

November 1
Chizhegorsky Shokolad logo designed

Kuhnya na Rayone logo created

October 31
Halloween poster (2018) designed

October 30
Ценываптеках.рф logo designed

Giftshelp logo created

October 29
Leroy Merlin corporate portal designed

October 26
Moscow Central Circle navigation created

October 25
Plaxa logo designed

Hrscanner logo created

October 24
Hares pattern created

Sozvezdie in-car radios designed

October 23
Tosternaya logo created

Art Hookah Family logo designed

October 22
EI Kids emotional intelligence development school website created

October 19
Residence of Composers residential complex design concept created

October 18
Enix logo designed

Concretica logo created

October 17
Cover for Charisma by Patrick King designed

Doroga 2018 exhibition logo designed

October 16
Apexlegal law firm logo created

Crystallux-6000 chromatograph design created

October 15
Sozvezdie portable radios designed

October 12
Primakov School website created

Primakov School interiors designed

October 11
Fifth edition of Russian Management Model by Aleksandr Prokhorov published

October 10
Fifth Edition of Organizational Management Thinking by Georgy Schedrovitsky published

Ivolga typeface created

October 9 online store logo designed

Lova jewelry stores logo created

October 8 website logo created

October 5
Beeline Business blog designed

October 4
Next Car logo created

October 3
Studio’s 23rd anniversary poster designed

October 2
Wow snowboard tracker created

Triumph logo designed

October 1
Moscow's Best Places Review promo website created

September 28
KFC website designed

Kuban Kredit online banking interface designed

September 27
Den's Hot Dogs packaging 2.0 designed

Goodville Capital logo created

September 26
Koh-i-Noor pencils packaging designed

September 25
Boft photo printing machine designed

A-ikra logo created

September 24
Acronis website designed

September 21
Formator identity and naming created

September 20
Gatsby logo designed

Myasnoy Stol store logo created

September 19
Orange New Year gift created

September 18
Forward Leasing banner campaign designed

Mukholov UF created

September 17
Naming for Sberbank's Spasibo program created

September 14
Periodic table of elements designed

September 13
Moscow electric bus design created

Prodvizhenie digital agency logo created

September 12
Critical Ops game website designed

Critical Force website designed

September 11
Android gaming console designed

September 10
Lily logo and identity created

Zaryadye concert hall logo designed

September 7
Medisorb medications packaging designed

September 6
Routemark logo designed

September 5
Cover for Can Finance Save the World? by Bertrand Badré designed

September 4
Novoperedelkino Metro station lettering created

Solntsevo Metro station lettering created

Upsec logo created

September 3
Art Director Telegram sticker pack created

Granola.Lab breakfasts packaging designed

September 1
Knowledge Day poster designed

August 31
Vkusomer website created

August 30
Freer miner designed

August 29
Museum of Holes and Patches logo created

August 28
Kuznecovsky blog logo creatd

August 27
Cold brew coffee produced

August 24
House Arrest logo and credits created

August 23
Skyeer logo designed

August 22
Magnolias and Snakes pattern created

August 21
Morozov Group logo created

August 20
Demilie honey vending machines designed

10 bags of Coffee Blend #345 are available in studio's stores

August 18
Only Land real estate agency logo created

August 17
Sotbi website designed

August 15
NF64 typeface designed

August 14
Guidezilla logo designed

August 13
Virtual School templates for Sberbank Corporate University created

August 11
2018 Art. Lebedev Studio soccer championship posters designed

August 10
Factory of the Future identity and interior created

August 9
Music to Humans logo created

August 8
Nightingales pattern created

August 7
Big test drive logo created

August 5
Zenit soccer club advertising campaign for 2018–2019 season created

August 3
Nero SM103 electric meter designed

August 2
Ruspack logo created

August 1
Sokolsky DOK video ad created

July 31
CSKA Metro train designed

July 30
Comepay terminals interface designed

July 27
Averia dog collar designed

July 26
Starykh and Gamayunov Art Support Foundation logo designed

July 25
Cover for Who Says You Can't? You Do by Daniel Chidiac designed

July 24
Russian Premier League identity, typeface and TV graphics created

Rybachkov logo created

July 23
Whispering Hearts packaging designed

July 20
Baltic Methanol logo designed

July 19
Borus logo designed

July 18
Nero hub designed

July 17
Hairurg logo designed

July 16
RN Bank web account page created

July 13
Motley Grass pattern is now available in studio's stores

July 12
Pokhoronny Dom funeral home logo created

July 11
Skameikus-11 bench created

July 10
Zaryadye manhole covers designed

July 9
Sokolsky DOK graphic materials created

July 6
Fifth edition of Mandership by Artemy Lebedev published

Sheremetyevo Airport flight information screens designed

July 5
Parrey logo created

July 4
Mock-ups of Moscow transport website for World Cup fans created

July 3
Akuly Prodazh agency logo designed

July 2
Departure typeface created

June 29
Simferopol airport navigation created

June 28
Fan Route posters created

June 26
Vmesto Rieltora logo designed

June 25
Art object for Ultra City residential development created

June 22
Messi key visual for Alfa Bank created

June 21
Scotch digital agency logo created

June 20
Second edition of Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering by Jan Tschichold published

June 19
Sistema logo designed

June 18
Sputnik house intercom designed

June 15
Klinskoe Fan Festival cups designed

June 13
Fourth edition of The New Typography. A Handbook for Modern Designers by Jan Tschichold published

June 12
Russia Day poster created

June 9
Sport-Marafon logo created

June 8
Český Krumlov logo designed

June 7
Bulochnaya logo designed

June 6
Shell Android app created

June 5
Dandelion logo created

June 4
Metro Cash and Carry price tags designed

June 2
Stereoaddress apartment page created

June 1
Samocat Sharing scooter rental station designed

May 31
Gruzoviks logo designed

May 30
3Dmed logo and packaging created

May 29
Benois de la Danse festival website created

May 28
Whispering Hearts corporate identity designed

May 25
Hobbyka website templates created

May 24
Jethackers logo designed

May 23
AŽD Praha posters created

May 22
Princesses music show logo designed

May 18
Active Citizen corporate identity, annual report and editorial guidelines published

Cover for Hidden Champions by Hermann Simon designed

May 17
Aerodinamika logo created

May 16
Nero Electronics remote designed

May 15
iMasha logo designed

May 14
Bitcoin Suisse AG website templates designed

May 11
TurkStream brochure created

May 10
Shapemania logo designed

May 8
Finart studio logo designed

May 7
Victory Day poster created

May 4
Cover for How To Get A Meeting with Anyone by Stu Heinecke designed

May 3
Best Vision Lab ophthalmology center logo designed

May 1
May 1 poster created

April 28
Flacon Design Factory navigation created

April 27
Stolbus-2 Dandaka road sign post created

April 26
Geologistika logo designed

The Sign Everyone Takes Pictures With installed in Antarctica

April 25
Kuban Kredit website mock-ups created

April 24
Magazinus video ad published

Priroda Zvuka logo designed

April 23
Kitfort photography guidelines developed

April 20
S8 Capital website mock-ups created

S8 Capital logo designed

April 19
Teleputeshestviya channel logo designed

April 18
Lavanda typeface created

April 17
Stoloto website holiday design created

April 16
Russian Premier League logo designed

April 13
Residential area concept developed

April 12
Prosto Travel aggregator logo designed

April 11
Stolbus-1 road sign post created

April 10
Smart center logo designed

April 6
Tansy pattern created

April 5
Svetmarket logo designed

April 4
Second edition of Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Müller-Brockmann published

April 3
Jesstaurant logo designed

April 2
Iskusstvus 2.0 is now available in studio's stores

April 1
Byustus mirror designed

Gotcha Telegram sticker pack created

March 30
Grain Holding website designed

March 29
DKS power outlet plates designed

March 28
Design for the Water and Sewer Connection page on Mosvodokanal website created

March 27
Dorogobogato store logo designed

March 26
TurkStream interactive presentation and applications created

March 23
Seligerskaya Metro station lettering designed

March 22
Romarketing logo created

Airtouch logo designed

March 21
Ploschadkus 1 created

March 20
Viewerest logo created

Bibligon courses logo created

March 19
Stereokadastr promo page created

March 16
Sudakov brand logo designed

March 15
Olduvai logo designed

Wein alcohol still logo designed

March 14
Grain Holding truck livery design created

March 13
Karlsson logo created

Onebox logo designed

March 12
Profilum website layouts created

March 8
Honey Telegram sticker pack created

International Women’s Day poster designed

March 7
Markov Processes International website mock-ups created

March 6
Organika logo created

Deerz logo designed

March 5
Oil interactive pavilion concept created

March 2
Paralect corporate identity created

March 1
Kiber logo created logo designed

February 28
Art. Lebedev Studio Café ad created

February 27 logo created

Higher School of Image and Style logo designed

February 26
Rosatom posters created

February 23
Defend Yourself Telegram sticker pack created

Defender of the Motherland Day poster created

February 22
Fabrikant advertising posters designed

February 21
VIP Ceiling logo created

February 19
Promo website for FIFA World Cup 2018 bank card designed

February 16
Wellton Towers skyscrapers dynamic façades created

February 15
Pocket Lists app logo designed

February 14
Love You Telegram sticker pack created

Valentine’s Day poster created

February 13
CS Money logo designed

February 12
Cover for Improve Your People Skills by Patrick King designed

February 9
Orlyonok logo designed

Olympic Games section for Sport 24 website designed

February 8
Bureau of Technical Solutions logo designed

February 7
Cover for Improve Your Communication Skills by Alan Barker designed

February 6
Profiles online service logo designed

February 5
Moscow and Saint Petersburg Metro pocket map is now available in studio stores

February 2
Delovaya Sreda educational platform design created

February 1
Maxim Soldatkin web design school logo designed

January 31
Pavilyonus series of four park objects created

January 30
Soul of Russia ethnographic park logo created

January 29
Winter and Magic pattern is now available in studio's stores

January 26
Visual communication for Moscow ground transport created

January 25
Relines store logo designed

January 24
Elbrus Capital website designed

January 23
M-Moving logo designed

January 22
GITIS Development Foundation website created

January 19
NBBK convector enclosures designed

January 18
Kadastr City logo designed

January 17
Center for Technical Development logo and corporate identity designed

January 16
Plus dating service logo created

January 15
Stroboscope pattern is now available in studio's stores

January 12
Young Professionals movement identity created

January 11
8 news website designed

January 10
Exclusive Logistics logo designed

January 9
Katalogus 2018 published

January 7
Christmas poster created

January 1
In 2018 Art. Lebedev Studio will become even more serious


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