Moscow Unified Transport Portal

Task: to design the main website of Moscow transport.
assembled and populated by the client

Unified Transport Portal is the main website of the Moscow Department of Transport. It contains useful information for both drivers and passengers of all types of transport in Moscow.

Everything is simple and clear

People can use the website to top up their Troika cards, check and pay for traffic tickets and look up bus schedules. For the convenience of the users, the information is divided into groups based on the target audience: for passengers, drivers and business representatives. Inside, each group is further divided by type of transport.

Main page

The website is modular and consists of blocks making it more convenient as any page can be located in just a couple of clicks.

Additionally, the modular structure allows to easily build or edit pages and add new services.

deptrans site modules

Recommendations for working with modules were provided to ensure the portal remains spectacular over time.

Cards on the same topic should be combined in levels with headers
Alternating large cards with smaller ones
Adding news or link inserts to the right of the rows

Recognition and common style

The website uses the branded pattern, a recognizable symbol of Moscow transport.

The animated pattern on the main page symbolizes the movement of transport.

The pattern can be neatly added to photos, videos and covers and combines images on different websites of the Department of Transport into a single system.

Smart map

Some pages contain a smart map of Moscow that can help find an optimal route. The map has no unnecessary information, just the essentials. For example, truck drivers are shown special parking lots and streets that are open to them.

On smartphones, the map is always fixed at the bottom of the screen where it can be easily seen and accessed.

Auxiliary graphics

We drew a bunch of icons and pictograms for different situations.

Useful services

The portal offers many useful services. Here, people can top up their Troika cards, see if their car was impounded, look up suburban train schedules and find answers to other important questions.

The users just need to log in and save their Troika card details once to never have to enter them again: the website will remember all the information.

The portal also makes it convenient to follow transport disruptions such as Metro line closures, replacement buses and so on (which comes in handy if you need to plan a route).

deptrans site lines

Icons are used to denote all disruptions. If you hover the mouse over an icon, a press release with all the necessary details will open up.

Exciting internal pages

Instead of presenting information in a dry way, the pages contain illustrations, useful inserts and cute pictures. The text is also clear and easily understandable.

Templates help consistently produce quality materials.

Compact tables and charts.

A useful and interesting website.

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